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Finnish startup Jobilla raises €8.25 million to build candidate-driven recruiting funnels

Finnish talent acquisition startup Jobilla has just secured €8.25 million in a funding round be by Juuri Partners and Trind VC. Jobilla has developed an AI-powered recruiting platform that is aiming to be the weapon pof choice for companies battling the increasingly competitive war for talent amidst the Great Resignation.

Founded in 2015, Jobilla has disrupted the recruitment space across five different continents with its recruitment solution where each step of the candidates experience is analyzed and optimized to the max. The startup’s solution combines AI-powered candidate filtering, a mobile-supported funnel, and top marketing strategies that ensure the best candidates see the job opportunities – whether they are employed or not. By analyzing up to 35 different metrics from the recruitment funnel, Jobilla wants to remove obstacles from the candidate’s path – one click at a time.

Based in Helsinki, the disruptive startup has been growing fast. After closing its over €2 million seed round less than a year ago, the startup has grown 150% in revenue from 2020 to 2021 and is ready to further expand its operations, especially in the German and US markets. In the US, Jobilla’s clients include companies such as Pfizer and Arkansas Surgical Hospital. In Germany, they serve clients such as the German Red Cross.

CEO and co-founder of Jobilla, Henri Nordström, said: “We are currently growing exponentially in every market our solution is available in. With the help of our investors, we can accelerate that growth even further by developing partnerships with key players in different markets that can offer our solution in the respective market.”

“Our solution is not really brutally competing with any other company in this $500B+ market because there is no one that is thinking of recruiting so purely from the candidate experience.” Nordström continued. 

The global recruitment market is currently as hot as it gets. Huge changes are happening both in the way we work, but also where we want to be employed – both physically and mentally. Megatrends like the Great Resignation and the War for Talent are forcing companies to shift from organization-driven recruiting to candidate-driven, as just offering a job with salary perks isn’t enough to attract top talent.

Jobilla is well placed to tap into the recruitment market and keep growing and expanding. 

Henri Nordström also commented: “In order to succeed, companies need to develop their recruitment policies and processes towards candidate-driven recruiting, which makes the experience nice and effortless for the candidate. This usually demands a complete restructuring of the current process. However, with efficient candidate marketing tactics, following metrics and cost-structures of different channels, and fixing the broken process, many organizations can fix the issues in their recruitment, and this is what we at Jobilla are solving right now.”

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