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Didomi raises €33.8 million to expand its consent and preference platform across Europe and the US

Today, Didomi announced the successful closing of its Series B funding round of €33.8 million – led by Elephant and Breega. This fresh capital will allow the Paris-based startup to support strong growth in its European home markets, finance its expansion to the United States and invest in its technology platform globally.

Founded in 2017, Didomi builds technology that allows developers and companies to manage their users’ consent and preferences across their online and offline channels. By making consent and preferences easily accessible, companies benefit from compliant customer data while seeing higher engagement and increased user trust. Consumers, on their side, are free to choose what data to share and how to stay connected to their favorite brands.

“Jawad, Raphaël and I have co-founded Didomi to make privacy easier for everyone and an obvious choice for companies,” said Romain Gauthier, CEO, Didomi. “This fundraising is a major milestone on our journey to deliver on this mission. Not only does it reward the hard work of Didomi’s entire team, scattered across the globe, but it also gives us resources to keep building the best technology for our existing and upcoming clients. We are happy that Elephant shares our ambitions, and that Breega has renewed their trust in our project. We look forward to helping brands and publishers make customer journeys more transparent and trustworthy through a delightful consent and preferences management experience.”

Regulators across the globe have taken notice and technology is witnessing huge shifts with the gradual phasing out of third-party trackers, the revolution of targeted advertising, and the reduction of the availability of data for which no permission has been granted in large ecosystems like iOS.

“Companies are now realizing they need to take action. What started as a pure compliance preoccupation, in the early days of GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California, has since become a global concern by companies of all sizes to foster trust through better permission management in the technology stack,” said Maximilien Bacot, Co-founder & Managing Partner of Breega. “Didomi is proposing popular and widely-adopted solutions for organizations seeking to address these challenges.”

Didomi empowers companies like Giphy, Rakuten, UKG, Weight Watchers International, and Wolters Kluwer to get detailed analytics about consent behaviors that help them measure and optimise the benefits of transforming their users journey towards more privacy. This consent management tool can easily be customized and deployed across web, mobile, in-app, and even connected TV environments.

Jawad Stouli, the CTO of Didomi explained: Didomi has taken a developer-first approach as a platform. With open APIs, public developer documentation, and open-source SDKs for popular frameworks, our solutions are a good fit for tech teams and developers for all consent and preference management use cases. Didomi allows tech teams to easily embed consent into their apps and systems, lowering the cost of compliance and removing technical hurdles to invest in privacy, which is much needed across today’s markets.

To date, Didomi has raised more than €38 million, including €5 million in a previous Series A round led by Breega with the support of Bpifrance.

Anto Guarin
Anto Guarin
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