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Why you’ll love the networking options at the EU-Startups Summit online!

On the 28th-30th of April, we’re hosting the 7th edition of the EU-Startups Summit, bringing together around 1,500 like-minded participants, including founders, tech teams, angel investors, venture capital firms, corporates, accelerators, and startup mentors.

Although this year’s edition is being held online, we are convinced that one of the main benefits of the EU-Startups Summit (beyond the inspiring and educational talks), will be the networking opportunities! We strongly encourage you to really take advantage of the event’s atmosphere, with everyone in the mindset of being ready to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, potential business partners and investors.

Additionally, being able to network ‘remotely’ will allow you to prioritise your time better, and make sure that the person you’re speaking with is relevant to your organisation. If you’re an introvert this is especially beneficial, as you can decide who to speak to, during specific time slots.

We have chosen our event platform partner Grip specifically for this reason. Originally a networking app which has pivoted to becoming a full-blown event platform, Grip offers diverse networking opportunities that might just pleasantly surprise you. 🙂

Onboarding on the platform will start about 1 week before the event, so there is enough time to get ready for networking! Here are some of the top networking needs you might have, and how the EU-Startups Summit can help you solve them:

You want high-quality contacts, fast?

Answer: Personalised, AI-based matchmaking

Yes, you read correctly! The EU-Startups Summit networking opportunities will be based on AI-driven matchmaking. Just fill out your profile and we will do the rest (you can also connect your attendee profile with LinkedIn).

Wave goodbye to endlessly trawling through hundreds of participants to find a contact of interest (although you can still do so), and say hello to connecting with more individuals that fit your needs. 

Even better, the matchmaking engine learns about who you want to meet based on how you interact with recommendations, meaning recommendations evolve and improve in real time, before, during and after the event.

Click ‘Interested’ for a handshake, and click ‘Later’ for no interest. Chat functionalities will be enabled when both people click ‘Interested’ on each other. 

You need to speak ‘face-to-face’?

Answer: Schedule 1:1 video calls (20 mins)

Once you’ve logged in and connected with another user, you can chat and book video call slots to speak ‘face to face’.

Even better, the advanced meeting scheduling automatically suggests a time that works for both meeting participants, so you can schedule meetings quickly and efficiently.

Fully integrated with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCalendar and other popular calendars, this meeting function will give you an overview of your event meetings alongside your day-to-day work schedule.

You’re attending the Summit as a team?

Answer: Virtual exhibition booth and collaboration tools

Create your virtual exhibition booth as your face to the world, including company description & videos, products & services, and even link to which representatives are attending the Summit. This feature is not part of the basic attendee account, but can be booked on top.

Through this exhibition page, visiting users can book meetings with you in a number of ways. They can request to connect and schedule a meeting here, or they can click on the name & photo of the representative to book a 1:1 with that colleague.


Once a meeting has been scheduled, team members can access a shared calendar that shows which team members are meeting whom, at which time.

This is especially useful if you’re organising your team to make a multi-pronged attack and cover as many contacts as possible over the 3 days.

You’re looking to connect with someone specific?

Answer: Searchable attendee list

If you’ve been meaning to reach out to someone specific on the events platform, via email or LinkedIn, but time has been getting in the way, this option is for you.

Several days before, and after the event, you will have access to a searchable attendee list. This enables you to find and connect with that golden contact via the platform which may be your ticket to success.

Just search for the contact in question to see their profile and submit a connection request.

You want some serendipious connections? 

Answer: Live session chats

During the on-stage sessions of this year’s EU-Startups Summit (educational talks, inspirational interviews, etc.), it will be possible to comment live on what you’re watching alongside the other attendees.

This serendipitous chat can spark off interesting conversations with strangers that you didn’t even know you needed to meet!

You’re looking for startups and innovative corporates?

Answer: Check out the Exhibition Hall

In addition to browsing our attendee list, we also recommend you to virtually walk around the Exhibition Hall to meet the companies exhibiting at this year’s EU-Startups Summit. 

This section offers even more functionality than an in-person event, as you can ‘badge swipe’ to automatically see the name and information of the person representing each company, which is perfect for requesting a meeting later.

You’re looking for investors?

Answer: The Pitch Competition & “Investors on Stage” Session

EU-Startups-Summit-Pitch-competitionIn addition to the AI-based matchmaking and searchable attendee list, one sure fire way to find investors open for investment is to check out the Big Pitch competition and our “Investors on Stage” session.

Not only will there be investors watching the pitch competition live alongside you, but the judging panel will include quite prominent VC names.

Join the EU-Startups Summit

If you you haven’t got your ticket yet and would like to mix with the 1,500 startup players during the EU-Startups Summit, make sure to secure your ticket now!

More info can also be found here (page will be updated on a weekly basis). We look forward to seeing you online!

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Charlotte Tucker
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