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Romanian martech startup ProductLead lands €600K to expand across Europe

Romanian startup ProductLead, an innovative integrated digital platform for marketing content creation, has received 600K funding for further development and expansion across European markets. The financing was coordinated by Sparking Capital, as Lead Investor, in partnership with Eleven Ventures (Bulgaria) and Founders Bridge (Sweden) investment funds.

Founded in 2017, ProductLead’s mission is to democratize access to content creation at scale through social data analytics, automation, and integrations.

Mihai Bocai, CEO ProductLead said: “We are very excited by the success of this round of investment, which will allow us to speed up our growth. We put a lot of passion and effort to ensure high quality services to our clients, helping them scale their digital content quickly, ensuring high-volume, high-quality creative production with the use of technology and automation. Our business objectives focus on growth and partnerships, on-boarding customers across key industries and geographies, giving us the grip we need to strengthen our value proposition for Series A.”

ProductLead’s target is to grow its team and gradually win foreign markets, especially CEE, DACH, and Nordics. Furthermore, ProductLead wants to strengthen a set of strategic partnerships with major players in ecommerce, marketplace, and tech marketing tools.

Vlad Panait, Managing Partner at Sparking Capital commented: “This is the second round of investment we carried out for ProductLead and we are very glad that Eleven Ventures and Founders Bridge investment funds  joined forces with us to contribute to the European expansion of ProductLead. Our strategy is to support and help innovative start-ups and products to scale at international level. Besides the financial investment, we contribute with expertise, mentoring, and networking to accelerate the development of the companies in which we invest”.

The technology empowers any marketeer to develop efficient creatives, 10x faster and at 1/10 of the cost by providing a powerful creatives automation engine that leverages e-commerce assets, influencer generated content and brand assets at scale. ProductLead is already a Facebook, TikTok and VTEX partner.

Hristo Hristov, Venture Partner at Eleven Ventures said: “The number one reason we invest is always the team. Mihai and Alexander are serial entrepreneurs with a heavy background in social commerce and constantly on the look to improve themselves. But apart from the obvious they are trying to solve a very big problem. Digital advertising has exploded over the last ten years and has grown to an extent where bots are bidding against other bots to capture the relevant audience. However, something that has not changed and is still done in the majority by humans are the creatives one has to put in the advertising platforms. We are very happy to be coinvesting in ProductLead together with Sparking Capital and Founders Bridge.”

Liviu Munteanu, General Partner, Founders Bridge explained: “The company that Mihai and his amazing team have created is a perfect match for our vision of investing in local start-ups to help them expand internationally. Moreover, having on board three VC funds from three different countries validates our strong belief that ProductLead is a globally scalable company. This is a great moment for the Romanian start-up ecosystem as a whole, and we are confident that ProductLead is firmly on its way to a resounding Series A round in the near future.

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte is the previous Editor at EU-Startups.com. She spends her time scouting the next big story, managing our contributor team, and getting excited about social impact ventures. She has previously worked as a Communications Consultant for number of European Commission funded startup projects.

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