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Adrenalead raises €1 million to boost its unique “Web Push Notifications”

Lyon-based startup Adrenalead has raised €1 million from SIDE Capital, and with the support of BPI France, to help companies activate their customers using “Web Push Notifications”. Adrenalead now intends to accelerate the development of its network and extend its influence on a European scale.

Founded in 2018, Adrenalead aims to offer new alternatives to conquer and retain customers for e-commerce on a constantly (r)evolving digital advertising market. Using AI, and powerful predictive and behavioural targeting algorithms, the marketing platform developed by Adrenalead allows e-merchants and retailers to design and distribute campaigns  to their users by “Web Push Notifications” via computer or mobile. The “Web Push Notification” is, according to the startup, a virtual way of realigning the interests of advertisers, the media and internet users. Basically, it lets advertisers send precisely the right message at the right time to the right person.

The digital advertising market has become a hotspot for company spending, but can also cause collateral damage for companies, the best known being deterioration of brand image, lack of transparency, fraud and the increasing adoption of adblockers by internet users. Guided by new consumer expectations and the strengthening of personal data protection regulations, Adrenalead offers a more transparent and respectful advertising alternative for internet users, with prior and explicit consent from the user.

“Beyond allowing brands to regain control of their audience, the platform offers a complete suite of audience extension solutions. Any brand can now reach profiles similar to its “look-alike” audience and this in real time,” explains Edouard Ducray, one of the co-founders.

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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