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London-based online storage marketplace Stashbee raises €2.8 million on Seedrs

London-based Stashbee is an online sharing-economy platform for storage space, allowing individuals and businesses in the UK an easy way to find secure storage space while offering a way for people with idle space to earn cash.

Founded in 2015, Stashbee has now raised a €2.8 million equity investment round from 880 investors on Seedrs – smashing its original target of €1.8 million in a matter of hours. The startup previously raised over €1 million in investment on Seedrs. Stashbee intends to use the funds raised from this round to build upon the impressive growth it has seen in the UK in the last three years. 

June 2019 also saw Stashbee enjoy its biggest ever month for on-boarding storage space. It now has over one million square feet of bookable space on the platform, making it the sixth largest storage provider in the UK. The startup also doubled its sales in June over May, bringing annual revenue to over €1.1 million.

In just three years, Stashbee has had over 18,500 hosts and guests register to use the platform, with their host network growing at over 70,000 square feet per month.

“June was such a remarkable month at Stashbee HQ we’ve taken to referring to it as the ‘4 Million Month’! We smashed record after record, and once again we were delighted to welcome so many customers and champions of our business as both customers and shareholders as we build the #1 global destination for storage,” said Stashbee co-founder David Mantle. “We have been humbled by the support and can’t wait to show everyone’s what’s next.” 

Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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