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Amsterdam-based 5miles attracts €750k to improve employee skills in just five minutes a day

Skills needed at the workplace are constantly changing. Amsterdam-based startup 5miles is helping companies and their employees to keep up with these changes using a micro-learning approach that takes just five minutes a day. Founded in 2015, the startup has attracted €750k from angel investors including Chris Hall, founder and CEO of Bynder.

5miles helps companies and their employees to grow and meet new challenges by offering daily micro-learning opportunities for professionals to improve their data, analytical and presentation skills in just five minutes a day. 5miles challenges primarily use Excel, and are adapted to the employee’s individual level.

5miles already counts several multinationals among its clients including ABN AMRO, Achmea and KPMG. The investment will allow 5miles to reach more professionals worldwide so that they can start improving their skills.

The announcement of the investment is timely, with the Dutch government recently announcing a plan to offer personal budgets to support ‘lifelong learning’.

“Professionals are concerned about the impact technological innovation and globalization may have on their jobs, and companies are always looking for new skills to help support their success,” said Chris van Voorden, founder and CEO. “5miles provides a solution, by offering 5-minute challenges that help professionals easily improve their skills on a daily basis. Our product makes lifelong, professional learning, easy.”

“Every company is now looking for opportunities to profit from technological innovation,” he added. “However, there still is a massive gap between the skill-set needed by companies to innovate and grow, and the skills of employees as technologies rapidly change. Our online learning tool helps companies solve that problem in a unique and effective way, providing employees with the skills they need in the 21st century.”

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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