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10 sex tech startups to look out for in 2019 and beyond

Social media and technology have opened up new possibilities for exploring pleasure and desire. The commercialization of sex has until now been primarily the domain of men, for example with the widespread use of pornography. But with the emergence of sex tech and more open public discourse about sex, the sex industry is being disrupted, attracting funding, and addressing women’s sexual needs, too.

From increasing our awareness about sex and pleasure to changing the way we experience sex toys and taking our sexual health more seriously, here are 10 European startups that are setting out to help you have happier sex life – whether you identify as a man, a woman, gay, straight, poly, or anything in between:

Beducated – Beducated is an edtech portal with online courses about mindful sex and relationships, as well as educational content for soulful lovers, open-minded individuals and seekers of joyful sex life. The Munich-based startup was launched in 2016 with the goal to, as they say, “Bring more *wow* between the sheets” – but it’s basically about rethinking sexuality and how vital it is for loving and expressing yourself. 

Elvie is a beautifully designed device that is ‘worn’ inside the body, offers five-minute workouts to help the user learn how to correctly exercise their pelvic floor muscle, and streams results to an app on the user’s mobile phone. The connected kegel exerciser is the flagship product of Chiaro, a women’s tech company pioneering smarter technology for women. Made of 100% medical-grade silicone, Elvie is 100% waterproof and rechargeable, and with regular activity, it can improve your sex life and bring it to a new level. 

EMJOY – Imagined as a guide to sexual happiness, Emjoy is a new startup, founded in 2018, aimed at helping women improve their sexual pleasure through audio sessions written by a professional sex therapist. The app is currently in beta version and you can sign up, test it, and send some feedback to Emjoy. What we know so far is that the app will include mindful sex techniques from Jessica Graham, the author of Good Sex: Getting Off Without Checking Out. Stay tuned for more.

Feeld – Dubbed as the threesome dating app, Feeld is bringing ménage à trois into the mainstream. The app is targeted at couples that wants to expand their relationship beyond monogamy and open-minded individuals that want to further explore their sexuality. Open to all genders and sexual identities, Feeld is today’s answer to exploring love beyond society’s norms. Founded in London in 2014, in 2017 the app got upgraded with the first ever Slack bot for dating.

Ferly – Labeling itself as “your guide to mindful sex”, Ferly wants you to explore your relationship with sex. The impact-driven, sexual well-being startup was founded in 2018 in the UK and it offers a completely new type of online sex education: an audio guide combining sessions, workshops, quizzes, reflections, and sexy stories all together on one app. It is more than just informative, it is empowering and challenging. A new sex-positive space for women to embrace their sexuality.

BioSure is an Essex-based healthcare company which develops rapid in-vitro diagnostic testing solutions. They’ve manufactured the first home testing HIV kit, the BioSure HIV Self Test, which is simple, discreet, and convenient, with an easy-to-read result. The test requires only a tiny drop of blood and the results are ready in 15 minutes, with over 99.7% accuracy. The Self-Test Kit is about bringing convenience to HIV testing, increasing early diagnosis and taking your sexual health seriously.

Lovely – Founded in Krakow in 2014, Lovely is disrupting the sex toy market with their vibrating ring with Desire-Sensing technology, designed to enhance a couple’s sex life. The wearable is a stretchy, silicone-made, flexible ring, which vibrates and monitors your body movements during sex and then sends this data to the accompanying app. The end result: personalized recommendations for new positions, stimulation techniques, and sex-related ideas to enjoy each other even more. Lovely just might be the key to a better sex life. 

MysteryVibe – This UK-based startup manufactures customizable pleasure products based on user-driven design. Their two flagship products Crescendo (the world’s first body-adapting vibrator) and Tenuto (the wearable vibrator for men) combine traditional sex toys with AI to elevate sexual health and well-being. For a more personalized experience in the bedroom, MysteryVibe offers also an app that collects user data and sends it to other devices in the room such as smart lamps, temperature controllers, sound tools, and smart TVs.

Soda Says is a London-based e-commerce marketplace focused on lifestyle gadgets. They find and curate the best new technology products to make your life easier, including women’s sex tech. With this, they are promoting the importance of female pleasure for individual well-being and helping acknowledge the roles that sexuality, self-care, and pleasure play in a balanced and healthy lifestyle. SODA was founded in London in 2017 and is now expanding into the US market with its new line of high-tech vibrators.

Einhorn – Waldemar Zeiler and  Philip Siefer want to give a new face to condoms, so in 2015 they founded the sustainable condom brand Einhorn. The difference between their condoms and normal condoms is that they not only provide security, but are also produced in a sustainable and ethical manner. Unlike many condoms, Einhorn condoms aren’t tested on animals, their packaging is made of recyclable materials that look like chip bags and is printed with pictures and illustrations by young artists, and they only use sustainable rubber extraction methods, so as not to contribute to rubber tree deforestation. What’s more, they give 50% of their profits back to social and sustainable projects.

Vladlena Petrushechkina contributed to this article.

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