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Cambridge-based Agile Analog raises €4.5 million to change the semiconductor industry

With the explosion of the Internet of Things, AI, autonomous vehicles, the next generation of telecoms and newer smaller process nodes, the demand for new chip designs has never been greater. Analog circuits are needed on every chip to interface between the real world and the digital world – from sensors to battery connections to data transmission.

Analog design, which is slow and manual, is often the key bottleneck in chip design.

Agile Analog’s solution removes this bottleneck, giving customers exactly the type of component they need on exactly the right semiconductor process. This enables Agile Analog’s customers to accelerate the pace of chip innovation and provide smaller, cheaper, more reliable and lower power solutions. 

The Cambridge-based startup has just closed a pre-Series A funding round from Delin Ventures, firstminute Capital and MMC Ventures, for a sum of €4.5 million.

We are impressed with the team’s vision to transform analog design and reinvigorate the use of analog,” said Jonathan Hay, Partner at Delin Ventures. “Analog design is the backwater of the semiconductor industry and we think Agile Analog can change that. The team has the world-leading experience and industry connectivity to deliver on this vision. That was a key part of our decision to follow on with our Seed investment.

Founded in 2017, Agile Analog will use the funding to expand the existing engineering team in Cambridge and deliver analog IP products to a wide range of waiting customers. Agile Analog’s unique AI-driven platform replaces the existing manual design process that has not fundamentally changed in 60 years.

By removing the restrictive manual process, Agile Analog provides access to flexible and easy to use analog IPs, enabling a broad range of customers to incorporate more analog onto their chips and significantly reducing the size and cost of end products.

I’m delighted with the confidence that our investors have placed in us,” said Tim Ramsdale, CEO of Agile Analog. This investment will enable us to deliver to our customers faster and make possible a paradigm shift in the $2 billion analog IP market.

Following extensive due diligence from industry experts, it was clear to FMC that the company’s technology and approach have the potential to disrupt and transform the industry from a labor-intensive, manual and costly process to an automatic, cheaper, quicker and more accurate one,” added Camilla Mazzolini, Investor at firstminute Capital.

Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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