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10 European art tech startups to look out for in 2019

The convergence of art and technology has never been closer. From visiting a museum online to using blockchain to gain a new level of transparency on an artwork’s history, art startups have enabled art to move away from museums and art connoisseurs to a wider audience. At the same time, they are keeping art alive and inspiring artists to do what they love.

Here are 10 art tech startups from the European continent:

Artland –  Founded in 2016 with a mission to make art buying more accessible, the Danish startup Artland has introduced a social art marketplace app where collectors and dealers can come together online to view, share, buy, and sell pieces of art. In addition, you can visit gallery exhibitions in 3D, send a message to a gallery or other collectors directly, and read great content – providing a completely new way of embracing the art world in the age of social media.

Artmo – Founded with the mission to connect the art world, Artmo is the social network for art – a combination of open platform with entertaining and informative content, a social art network, and a marketplace for art. Targeted at art lovers, artists, galleries, and collectors, Artmo was launched in Hamburg in 2017 to offer a platform where you can discover exhibitions, artists, make your own profile, post and share content, and make connections.

Artomatix – This Irish AI software startup is said to be shaping the future of 3D design with the help of AI. Their software automates many aspects of the process of 3D content creation, thereby reducing its production time by as much as 80%. With possible applications in the movie and video-game industries, industrial prototyping, or interior design, Artomatix has already raised nearly €10 million since it was launched in 2014 to bring “the world’s first 3D art engine” closer to creatives.

Culturaliv – Culturaliv is a cultural discovery portal where you can find a calendar of ongoing and upcoming exhibitions at destination museums around the world. Currently available for Paris, Amsterdam, London, New York, Los Angeles and Madrid, Culturaliv makes it easy for local and international audiences to find and share exhibitions, buy tickets, invite friends, and share your own exhibition reviews.

Monart – Monart is disrupting the art industry with the use of blockchain. Serving as a platform to discover, appreciate, share, and invest in the art community, Monart offers new art experiences such as 3D Exhibitions, AR, VR, art discovery games, as well as a security token infrastructure to make the artworks market more secure. Just founded in 2018, last year the startup won the Best ICO Project of the Year at the ICO Awards in Paris.

Singulart – Singulart is a Parisian startup offering a platform for online sales of works of art, as well as a place to discover art from selected artists around the world and open up to new artistic horizons. Beyond that, they also provide a tool for artists to independently manage the sale of their works. With a collection of more than 45,000 paintings and photographs, featuring 2,200 artists from 80 different nationalities, there is something for everyone at Singulart. Founded in 2017, the startup has raised €2.6 million to date.

Sprayprinter – Sprayprinter has developed a wall climbing robot, named Albert, which can paint images in any size to any surface. Designed to be used for both DIY homeowners and street artists, spray printer is able to turn any design into wall art, in a cost- and time effective manner. Based out of Tartu and Silicon Valley, the winner of TechChill Pitching Competition 2017 is helping cities become galleries and contributing to people’s happiness and well-being.

Artsper – This French startup if offering an e-commerce platform dedicated to contemporary art where among the 80,000 works of art you can even find Banksy, JonOne, or Andy Warhol. Artsper’s works are selected from the best art galleries around the world and include painting, sculpture, photography, print and mixed media. The company also offers a web magazine, an Art Advisory Service and an Art Service for businesses and professionals.

Tiqets – Founded in 2014, Tiqets is a Dutch startup changing the way people access art. Their mobile-first booking platform not only enables people to book tickets for museums and attractions across the world seamlessly but also lets venues reach a global audience and improve their customer experience using mobile technology. With $45.5 million in funding, Tiqets is hoping to expand beyond its current 2,000+ venues in 140 cities.

Fresco – Designed to serve as a “trust distribution platform” for artists, dealers, and art organizations, Fresco is a Swiss startup founded in 2017 with the aim of introducing blockchain to simplify the trust verification process of art industry. The company has also introduced the FRESCO Art Award, the world’s first blockchain art award and plans to implement a digital museum as well, to display the curated artwork from artists of the FRESCO platform.

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