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We START you UP: Take your startup to the cloud – sky is the limit! (Sponsored)

Not long ago, companies were forced to have dedicated teams for configuring, running and maintaining server rooms. This made it extremely difficult to scale up easily and to have a sustainable product offering. For small startups, it was even more difficult due to the lack of human resource as well as the lack of funding.

Today there is the cloud, which makes all these challenges a lot easier for startups and for companies of all sizes. Choosing the right cloud provider can make a real difference in scaling your web/mobile-based business.

So, what is a cloud provider and how can it help your startup? A cloud provider is an entity that offers cloud services for operating your application. Operating may include running servers, serving your application, hosting static files, providing database solutions, handling networking between servers, managing DNS and much more.

Aruba Cloud is one of the cloud computing leaders in Europe and operates 8 Data Centers in 6 European countries. It provides you with usage-based Cloud Computing, Cloud PRO & VPS, Private Cloud, Storage, Backup and Monitoring Services.

Massimo Bandinelli, Marketing Manager at Aruba Cloud, stated: “Digital transformation sometimes requires to invest a lot of money, especially if you want to purchase hardware. With cloud you can just purchase what you want for a short time. You also can scale the cloud regarding your needs – so when the business grows you can immediately scale up easily, and if you want to stop you can do it without waiting time. This is the reason why cloud can support startup businesses, because startups like to experiment, they are agile and cloud is agile like startups. Aruba startup program provides startups up to €50.000 of cloud credit and helps them to use cloud without the investment at the beginning.”

Aruba Cloud also offers a three-year startup program called We START you UP, which provides startups with the best Cloud platform and data centre technologies, a free Cloud credit of up to €50,000, continuous technical support and many exclusive benefits.

Here are two startups that were accepted into the We START you UP program and are currently scaling their team and products:

TOMMI-logoTOMMI created an immersive digital world to engage and distract children with cancer from their daily hospital routine. The startup is successfully collecting motory and behavioural data, useful to medical specialists to monitor, improve and customize the therapy.

microBees-logoMicrobees is a smart network, based on message driven architecture, ready for real-time response capabilities for millions of device endpoints. Imagine waking up already knowing that the shower will be hot because the boiler went into operation automatically. You leave the house on standby and any lights you left on are automatically switched off.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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