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London-based machine intelligence startup Tessian raises $13 million to transform the way enterprises secure email

Tessian, the UK-based machine intelligence startup transforming the way enterprises secure email, today announced that it has raised $13 million. The Series A round was led by Balderton Capital and Accel. Amadeus Capital Partners, Crane, LocalGlobe, Winton Ventures and Walking Ventures also participated in the round.

Founded in 2013, Tessian (formerly CheckRecipient) is a next-generation email security platform that helps enterprises counteract human error and significantly reduce the risk of data loss. Tessian uses machine intelligence to analyse email networks and automatically prevent highly sensitive emails being sent to the wrong people with minimal end user disruption.

Against a backdrop where enterprises are creating a growing share of the world’s data – in 2015 businesses created 30% of all data globally, but this is expected to soar to almost 60 per cent by 2025 – Tessian’s mission is to automatically protect individuals and enterprises from cybersecurity threats in order to keep the world’s most sensitive data and systems private and secure.

Tim Sadler, CEO and co-founder of Tessian, stated: “It’s human nature to fear scary things like hackers or malware, but we often don’t think twice about the dangers behind something as familiar and ingrained as sending an email. In reality that’s where an overwhelming threat lies.”

Balderton Capital Partner Suranga Chandratillake commented: “What Tessian have done – and this is why we are so excited about them – is apply machine intelligence to understand how humans communicate with each other and use that deeper understanding to secure enterprise email networks. The genius of this approach is that while the product focus today is on email – by far the most used communication channel in the corporate enterprise – their technology can be applied to all communication channels in time. And, as we all communicate in larger volumes and on more channels, that represents a vast opportunity.”

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