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Overview of the 10 best co-working spaces in Stockholm

Stockholm is not just a place for Steig Larsson fans or for people who enjoy cycling, but also for everyone interested in a high quality of life and work-life balance. An entrepreneur’s heaven as well: free education, fast internet connection, international talent, funding opportunities. Stockholm is one of the world’s most exciting startup hubs, and that’s reflected in the growing number of cool co-working spaces. Here are 10 of them:

Sup46 is basically the main hub for startups in Sweden offering open workspace with 24/7 office access, including free meeting rooms, free coffee, a locker, Friday after-work beer, opportunity to participate in SUP46 mentorship program and PR-support. The perks of being a member of SUP46 includes access to numerous startup events and chances for partnership and investment with SUP46’s partners. It is also the perfect place for curious visitors to become part of the Stockholm startup scene. Cost: Monthly packages vary from €265 to €370.

Impact hub Stockholm – As part of the Impact Hub Global Network, the Swedish branch is business incubator, innovation lab and community of social entrepreneurs, providing their co-working space as a launchpad for purpose-driven ventures. Equipped with desks or private offices, printer/copy/scanner services, kitchen, skype room, bike parking and showers. In the summer, you can enjoy the rooftop garden over a coffee or beer. Cost: Monthly packages vary from €200 to €410.

The Castle – Sitting in the heart of the city, this co-working centre is placed in a historical building with stunning architecture, decorated in a functional yet cheerful looking way. Offers fixed desk, a flexible desk full time, a flexible desk 2 days per week and there is a possibility to apply for low income membership and get a discount on the price. The characteristic of this co-working space is its artistic environment and some fun activities provided for members such as yoga, meditation, kickboxing, gym and a sauna. Cost: Monthly packages vary from €360 to €550. 

Epicentar – The biggest co-working space in Stockholm offers world-class environment and networking platform with flexible office space for digital companies and nomads.  Whether it is open landscape for independent co-working, a partner desk option, a private office or a studio, Epicentar responds to members’ needs. Weekly events are held, innovation labs and inspirational talks are organized, as well as after-work socials, fitness activities and yoga. Cost: Monthly package is available for €265.

Norrsken House – An initiative by the Norrsken foundation,  this new space, situated in a converted tram warehouse, can only be described as a creative cluster for driven tech entrepreneurs and innovative professionals who wish to solve global issues. Membership includes: wi-fi, printers, scanners, copiers, meeting rooms, private lockers but also quiet zones, focus rooms, a meditation room, social, event and public speaking areas, 3D printing, equipped photo and filming studio and VR equipment .Kids and dog friendly as well. Cost: Monthly packages are available for €315.

Things – Stockholm’s first Hardware co-working space. Things, is startup-oriented  is  super-creative place where members work with wearables, automation, sensors, robotics, IoT, medtech, 3D  printing and smart grid technologies. Located in the campus of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in a 2000sqm, space, it offers three floors of co-working space, event space and meeting rooms.  THINGS membership includes an in-house workshop geared with laser cutters and 3D printers as well as access to an established network of investors, external services and manufacturers. Cost: Monthly packages start at €200.

H2 Health Hub – The H2 Health Hub is a co-working space dedicated to digital health services where local professionals, digital nomads, startups and entrepreneurs focused on health tech can further develop their ideas. The space offers flexible and permanent spaces, meeting rooms, an event space and a cafe/lounge area to relax in.  Access to like minded people, shared interests and partnership opportunities are the advantages of being growing life science cluster. Cost: Monthly packages vary from €100 to €400.

No 18 probably provides Scandinavia’s most central premium offices and coworking lounges. Described as a functional and inspirational meeting venue and workplace filled with elegant and stylish interior, award-winning art collections and design-classic furniture. Members have 24h-access to co-working area, phone booths, free coffee & tea, access to kitchen, gym, a bistro and a juice bar. Serves as a conference or meeting venue with catering or hostess services organized. Cost: Monthly packages vary from €260 to €470.

Stockholm FinTech – Stockholm Fintech Hub is the first space for financial tech ecosystem in Sweden, with startups, financial institutions, regulators, educators, tech providers, investors and professionals as their members. Resident membership is offered for their co-working space with 27/7 access, lounge areas, printing and scanning services, free drop-in meeting/conference rooms, free and regular events, workshops, breakfast briefings and after works, self-service kitchen facilities with free coffee/tea, fresh fruit and weekly breakfast and access to our network of 50+ fintech hubs globally. Cost: Monthly packages vary from €260 to €360.

The Park is a creative co-working space with offices at two attractive addresses in Stockholm. It offers  four levels of membership: Room, Mobile, Fast & Lounge, based on your needs, and in addition you will find reception, wifi, prints, coffee, friends, gym, breakfast buffet, postal address, mail management, conference rooms, etc. The more than 400 members spread among more than 200 companies enjoy the warm vibe, which is facilitated by The Park’s Mood Managers, who make sure everyone and everything is ok. Cost: Monthly packages vary from €165 to €580.

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