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LifeTime raises more than €1 million to change the way we exchange medical documents

The Thieme-Group, along with HTGF (High-Tech Gründerfonds) and other investors, is providing over €1 million in additional funding for the LifeTime technology of the Hamburg-based startup Connected Health.

On the path of the digital transformation of the medical industry, the LifeTime App and its corresponding hardware provided to physicians creates a new method of exchanging medical documents – without the use of paper. After securing this latest interim financing, the young company is currently capitalized at a value of more than €3 million.

Dr. h.c. Albrecht Hauff, Chief Executive of Thieme Group, the leading German provider of media and services in the field of medicine and health, stated: “The possibility of a direct and digital transfer of data between doctors and patients is a novelty. LifeTime is differing from other solutions in the way that the patients` data remains exclusively on their smartphones instead of being saved in a cloud. This was really convincing.”

Connected Health was founded in the end of 2014 by Dr. Johannes Jacubeit, a Hamburg-based physician and entrepreneur, in cooperation with the IT-specialist Matthias Lau. The MedTech startup has set its goal at leading the medical industry into the digital age and redefining communication as well as the transfer and processing of data in the medical field. With LifeTime, the young company has developed a system which aims at replacing the non-digital, analogous processes within medical practices. The system consists of an app for patients (LifeTime App) and a hardware-component (LifeTime Hub) for medical institutions. The LifeTime Hub creates a simple and safe method to digitally exchange medical documents and images between physicians and patients.

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Thomas Ohr
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