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Hotter than your favorite Pizza: 10 Italian startups to watch in 2017

We started 2017 with some research and the goal to create a list for each EU country which showcases some of the most promising early-stage startups that are worth following this year.

Let’s take a look at bella Italia. A country with a very vital and clearly growing startup scene. In the beginning of the previous three years we presented a list with 5 Italian startups to watch. Given the large amount of interesting startups from Italy, it’s been too hard this year to narrow this list down to 5, so we’ve decided to introduce you to 10 promising Italian startups out of different sectors. All of them entered the market within the last two years and each startup has something special to add to your business life or your personal web experience in 2017. And here is our selection:

Majeeko-logoMajeeko allows the administrators of Facebook Pages to create their own attractive, professional, fully responsive and graphically customizable website with a single click. The generated website does not require any maintenance or periodic update, because it will be updated automatically from the data stream coming from the Facebook page. The Rome-based startup was founded in 2015 and secured roughly €475k in seed funding so far.

Credimi-logoCredimi (formerly known as InstaPartners) is a new lending product dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises and institutional investors. Credimi mission is to make invoice financing for SME, faster, simpler and more transparent than any other available alternative. The Milan-based FinTech startup was founded in 2015 and in 2016 it was able to secure about €8 million in seed funding.

Voverc-logoVoverc: Started in 2015, Voverc is a Rome-based startup with the mission to provide entrepreneurs and small businesses with the benefits of a professional telephone system of large corporates. The cloud-based cloud business phone system of Voverc enables you to be as professional on the go as you are in an office. So far, Voverc was able to raise more than €400K in seed financing.

Artemest-logoArtemest is the online destination for the finest handmade décor. The startup’s mission is to re-establish the authentic concept of luxury based on heritage, uncompromised quality and craftsmanship. Based in Milan and launched in 2015, the Artemest offers a unique shopping experience through curated editorial content and exceptional videos. Earlier this month, Artemest secured $1.2 million in seed funding.

InVRsion-logoinVRsion: The Milan-based startup develops ultra-realistic and customized Virtual Reality experiences for b2b. inVRsion makes real-time, room-scale VR simulations, employing a combination of stunning realism and business intelligence tools. Founded in 2015, the young company produces custom libraries of hyper-detailed 3D objects and environments, optimized for the VR experience. In 2016 the ambitous inVRsion team was able to raise €600K in seed financing.

EUKLID-LogoEuklid is a Milan- and London-based FinTech startup with the mission of discovering and exploiting the potentials involved in applying Artificial Intelligence to Bitcoin and the Blockchain. At the heart of Euklid is a sophisticated AI engine capable of making independent trading decisions. Euklid was founded in 2015 and aims to become the bank for investors of the future. A few months ago, Euklid secured an undisclosed amount of seed funding, valuing the company at €10 million.

Zestrip-logoZesTrip is a Milan-based startup which created a marketplace where the Best Local Experts independently sell tours, dinners and things to do. Thanks to the booking and messaging features of ZesTrip, Travelers can choose a professional and book the perfect, tailor-made experience. TesTrip was founded in 2015 and was able to secure more than €100K in seed funding.

Scuter-logoScuter is a Rome-based startup which aims to change the game in urban mobility with its disruptive technology. Founded in 2015, the smart e-scooter sharing service plans to make city mobility, simple, enjoyable and sustainable. Scuter was able to secure a seed funding of €100K, a grant of €145K and is currently doing a crowdfuning campaign which will end in March.

YouDroop-logoYouDroop is an innovative B2B marketplace for suppliers and retailers who want buy and sell products via the retail fulfillment method dropshipping. The Turin-based startup was founded in 2015 and secured an undisclosed amound of seed and angel investments in 2015 and 2016. Currently only available in Italian, YouDroop will launch a Spanish and English version by the end of next month.

RiskApp-logoRiskApp serves the insurance industry by providing technological solutions for the sales process, for the underwriting and the technical inspection phase of the business process. Founded in 2015, The Milan-based startup enables its clients to digitalize the claims process and increase the data collection to enhance the use of analytics. RiskApp wants to be your passionate, innovative, risk assessment company.

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Thomas Ohr
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