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Connecterra: $1.8M in first round funding for the Fitbit for cows

Yes, the time of the connected cow has just started!

Connecterra, the Amsterdam-based IoT startup that aims to change/improve farming through their dairy health service for cows, has recently closed $1.8M of seed investment led by London’s advanced incubator Breed Reply, together with MENA Ventures (MVI), Japan-based DeNA Co Ltd, and angel investor Elias Tabet.

The funding will enable Connecterra to further develop their machine learning platform. The Dutch startup will also use the fresh capital to grow the team and accelerate the trial and delivery of the product.

Yasir Khokhar, the CEO of Connecterra commented: “A little over a year ago, we started with a vision to contribute to solving the problems that impact the future of our planet by combining sensors and machine learning technologies. Today we are turning that vision into reality by bringing usable technology to farmers, helping them increase productivity and keep the herd healthier, while reducing the impact on the environment.”

Khokhar continued: “We are delighted to welcome our new investors on board. Their support, along with our outstanding technology team, will spur the launch of our first product making Connecterra a game-changer for this industry.”

Connecterra was founded in 2014 and combines the power of sensor technologies and machine learning to provide a complete health monitoring service for the dairy industry. Connecterra’s end-to-end solution consists of a wearable device, which monitors the herd in real-time and transmits the data to a cloud platform for analysis and prediction of behavioural patterns. This allows farmers to free up labour time, improve milk production per animal and save a significant amount of money by optimising their breeding cycles.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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