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Startup Wise Guys announces participants of the next B2B accelerator program

BusinessTech Winter 16 is the latest program of the Tallinn-based startup accelerator Startup Wise Guys. It is now focusing only on B2B & SaaS and has just announced the participanting startups – 11 companies from different countries accross Europe and even from China and Canada. In total, 25 teams participated in the selection process.

“Two programs ago we narrowed our programs focus to B2B & SaaS. By now, we’ve worked with startups ranging from data-analysis to different kinds of marketing. But this time, we’ll be stretching our B2B muscles even further. We do that by diving into industries we haven’t touched before: 3D Printing, Car-Rental, Currency Exchange and International Shipping,” it says in the company’s announcement.

The following startups have the honor to be part of the program:

  • Callpage (Poland) – with CallPage’s widget companies get 75% more leads from their web-sites by offering real-time callback in 28 seconds.
  • Kuan (China, Estonia, United Kingdom) – London-Hong Kong based financial technology firm offering peer to peer multi-currency exchange services for businesses.
  • Leansite (Estonia) – simple web-based application for supporting construction site management and providing access to the project data anytime, anywhere.
  • Publicfast (Ukraine) –  the place where brands and influencers get together to create social media projects.
  • RateChain (Canada, Estonia) – SaaS for car rental suppliers that provides online access to a global sales network with advanced revenue management tools.
  • RebelRoam (Estonia) –  internet service provider for the transportation industry.
  • Shipitwise (Estonia) – easy and affordable international shipping service for travellers.
  • StepShot (Ukraine) –  platform for effortless creation of screenshot-based documentation.
  • Teamscope (Estonia) – “Teamscope relies on big data analytics and advanced machine learning methods to provide you with a visual and interactive insight of your teams.”
  • WolfPrint (Estonia) –  provides a tailored 3D scanning solution for tourist locations to improve visitor experience.
  • ResultsOnAir (Estonia) –  TV advertising measurable and help to ensure better TV campaign performance (they’re an alumni of 500 Startups, leveraging their product development with FIWARE).

The teams will participate in the 3+1 month program and receive initial funding of € 30,000. The responsive program will focus on building engaging product, driving sales and securing investments. They’ll also get support for implementing the Fiware technology.

Startup Wise Guys is a mentorship-led accelerator program for startups. It provides seed capital, office space and mentors and it is focused on validating, developing and selling B2B/Enterprise SaaS products and attracting investment to scale.

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Ieva Treija
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