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UK-based Neteven and Dutch logistics solution B2C Europe sign a global partnership

Neteven, a leading marketplace management solution, and B2C Europe, a cross-border logistics solution, have signed an international partnership today. Their aim? To provide enterprises with a complete e-commerce platform, including distribution and return solutions.

Neteven, founded in 2005 by former eBay employees and internet technology experts, is the leading marketplace trading platform, optimised to deliver incremental revenue to retailers, brands and manufacturers through crossborder trade. Using Neteven’s proprietary cloud-based software and bespoke services, retailers can gain maximum exposure of their entire product catalogue across large generalist marketplaces, as well as specialist sites.

For the past 10 years, Neteven has helped large retailers and brands manage their marketplace activity. Thanks to the Neteven’s technology and services, Neteven connects its clients with the largest coverage of marketplaces in Europe, US and Asia.

On the other side, B2C Europe’s mission is to give the customers access to the best postal delivery and returns services for B2C e-commerce in Europe. With integrated domestic and international distribution and return shipping solutions, B2C provides enterprises with a ‘one-stop-shop’ experience.

Neteven manages digital feeds, while B2C works on physical goods. To respond to client and market demands, Neteven and B2C Europe have worked together to integrate their technologies and offerings. In this way, retailers and brands can now trade on marketplaces with one complete solution. Once integrated with the Neteven platform, they can access the leading global marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Tmall, Rakuten, Zalando, etc. Neteven will manage the full sales cycle, from product creation, sales management and order retrieval.

Using the technical integration between both systems, B2C Europe will be able to deliver orders coming from the marketplaces and manage returns anywhere in the world. The international B2C Europe warehouses and partnerships with most carriers will allow any client to reach buyers and meet marketplace expectations.

Greg Zemor, CEO of Neteven, said: “Cross-border trade being a key strategic component of our company, we had to partner with the most adapted fulfillment provider. B2C Europe matches with this strategy by providing a comprehensive offer to our clients. To ease our clients’ launch globally, we have been working with the B2C Europe technical team to integrate our software. This one-stop-shop trading solution is a unique solution in line with e-commerce trends.”

Rijk van Meekeren, CEO from B2C Europe, said: “Many of our current customers are searching to grow their international e-commerce business. Neteven provides excellent technology and marketplace knowledge that will help our customers expand their business across Europe, USA and Asia.”

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