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Printmotor launches a unique printing platform to offer shortcut to global market for print entrepreneurs

Printmotor announced today the launch of the platform that enables creative entrepreneurs to easily set up new e­commerce operations for print products.

Printmotor, a Helsinki, Finland based startup today announced the launch of its Printmotor platform globally. The new Printmotor platform is available online and it enables aspiring print product retailers globally to easily set up operations without worrying about production and delivery.

Printmotor provides a first class RESTful API, handling of the entire production as well as delivery to the end customer. It provides two RESTful APIs for two different use cases. In addition, Printmotor is making available ready­made, open source, and modifiable print e­commerce stores to further simplify the creation of a print business.

Aku Mutanen, CEO of Printmotor, said: “The basic idea of Printmotor is that while there are thousands of established and aspiring entrepreneurs around the world with great ideas for new printed products to be sold online, it’s still really difficult and expensive to set up effective production as well as delivery to the customer.”

Mutanen added: “We at Printmotor want to unleash the creative potential of entrepreneurs and thus we have created a revolutionary printing platform as well as straightforward APIs to connect to it. With our platform basically anyone can set up a webshop selling postcards, posters, shirts or business cards without investing in inventory and create a successful business for themselves. Printmotor platform is also available to established printing houses to streamline their operations without investing in highly expensive new machinery and software.”

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