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Portuguese startup WinShareZ lets you earn money by sharing ads on social networks

WinShareZ is a new and innovative app out of Aveiro (Portugal) that pays you to share ads.

As you might now, brands pay a lot of money to create and spread their ads. And customers often complain because they receive ads that they don’t care about. The Portuguese startup WinShareZ created a platform to solve this problem by making the customer the main advertising media. By recommending their favorite brands on social networks, the customers earn money. On the other hand, brands save money on advertisements.

For an exemplay scenarion, WinShareZ did the math like this: “Each brand pays $1 per “Post Ad”. Each post reaches at least 84 people. If 10 customers a day, for 20 days, share a “Post Ad”, it will reach at least 16.800 people and it will be viewed a minimum of 100.800 times.”

There are no (fixed) investment costs and the web platform allows the brand to supervise, choose and keep track of the advertising shared by their clients. The team behind WinSharZ is now searching for investment in the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The app is already a fully functional prototype. For more info about WinShareZ watch the video below:

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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