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Now official: dunnhumby acquires Berlin-based Sociomantic

After the rumours of last week it is now official: The leading customer science company dunnhumby (a subsidiary of Tesco PLC), today announced the acquisition of Sociomantic – a Berlin-based startup which operates in the field of programmatic advertising. Athough the terms of the deal were not disclosed, there are rumours about an acuisition price north of $100 million. This is not only a big deal for the sociomantic founders who started the company in 2009 and bootstrapped it to more than 200 employees, but also for Berlin as one of the top3 startup hubs in Europe.

dunnhumby will combine its extensive insights on the shopping preferences of 400 million consumers with Sociomantic’s intelligent digital-advertising technology and real-time data from more than 700 million online consumers to improve how advertising is planned, personalized and evaluated. For the first time, marketing content can be dynamically created specifically for an individual in real-time based on their interests and shopping preferences, and delivered across online media and mobile devices.

“Our strategic priority is to engage consumers and earn their loyalty wherever they shop, in-store and online, with personalized communications that are valuable and meaningful,” said Simon Hay, CEO of dunnhumby. He continued: “Applying this approach to make online media a better experience for consumers and marketers is paramount to us. Our observed campaigns to date have shown that increased relevance leads to significantly better engagement and response rates,”.

Sociomantic, one of the hidden champions of Berlin’s startup ecosystem, is a global leader in programmatic digital advertising solutions. The company operates through 16 offices worldwide with over $100 million in revenue in 2013, working with brands in electronics, retail, fashion and travel services in more than 60 markets spanning six continents.

Thomas Brandhoff, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Sociomantic, stated: “dunnhumby is a global leader in building consumer loyalty and has pioneered new ways for marketers to interact with consumers. Together, we can help brands improve the relevance of their messages to create more personal interactions with their customers online and across mobile devices”.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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