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Yoogoin the smart events search engine (Interview)

Last Tuesday, March 27th, another StartuppaMI monthly meet-up took place in Milan. As the last time, the event has been hosted by the beautiful TAG Milano co-working space with more than 130 participants.

As foreseen by the format of the event 3 startups pitched about their business and, let me say, this time we had great pitches!

The most interesting pitch (personal opinion of course) has been hold by Luca Panzarella, co-founder of  Yoogoin, that I interviewed after the event to gather more information about their events search engine application.

[Luca M.] How can you describe Yoogoin in a couple of sentences?
[Luca P.] Yoogoin is a smart events search engine. You log in with Facebook, we understand your interests and you get all the events around you that you might like. Simple.

[Luca M.] How does it works?
[Luca P.] Once you login with Facebook we discover something about you. Don’t worry, we just want to know if you are that kind of person who like concerts or sports; business meetings or arts; food or technology.

Differently from the other apps we make a real time crawling from more than twenty event sources on the web and we display the results filtered by your position and your interests.

[Luca M.] The app is already available on the iTune AppStore. Is the coverage of the service already worldwide?
[Luca P.] The app is available for download here. Yes, we cover events worldwide from day one, and this is actually the biggest difference with the others: twenty million of events every year. It sounds a lot, but we aim to cover one billion by the end of the year. The more events we find, the more difficult is to show a custom list interesting for our user.
But we like challenges.

[Luca M.] Yoogoin is not the first event discovery application. Why do you think yoogoin is better then the competitors?
[Luca P.] My iPhone is full of event discovery apps. Some of them discover Facebook events. Some other works only in few big cities.
But let’s make a bet: go to a new city. Any city of the world. Open one of these apps. Anyone.
Do you feel you have the most complete scenario of what you can do? No, you don’t.
This sensation is what every other app is missing. And that’s what exactly we want to achieve.

[Luca M.] What about the next milestones? Is there anything big at the horizon?
[Luca P.] While we are talking with some investors who already believed in our vision, our next milestone is to let users connect to each other through Yoogoin. Discovering events might be cool, but meeting new people you share interests with: that’s magic.

[Luca M.] This is not your first startup. What about your previous adventures?
[Luca P.] Please help me, I have this problem. I ship things since 2005.
A mobile school, a literature contests platform, a mobile agency, even a rough version of what Yoogoin is now.

I sold two of them to an Italian and an American entrepreneur.
I still run the literature contests platform with almost no time spent on it. It makes less than 10K per year, no investor will ever put some money on it; but it’s my oldest baby. Can I please keep it with me?

[Luca M.] Yoogoin is “proudly made in Italy”. In our country a lot of young professionals are loosing their job or are not able to find it. Have you got a message for them?
[Luca P.] The job situation in Italy, like some other country in Europe, is a disaster. I know many friends who went to Germany or England, leaving families and friends. But I’m not feeling luckier than anyone: I left Sicily nine years ago and worked abroad for two years.
My solution? Aim to quality. Extremely high quality.
If you are a young professional you can use your time for travelling, meeting new people and trying something new. These will help you to make your job better. Your personality better.
We need quality, only those people who understand this will be able to convert our crisis to a success.

[Luca M.] Thanks a lot for your time!
[Luca P.] Thank you for your great interview. Keep you posted on our Facebook page.

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Luca Mayer
Luca Mayer
Luca works as a Senior Security Specialist and Project Manager at Security Reply. On EU-Startups.com he writes about Italian startups and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Italy.

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