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The new year brings the first StartuppaMI meet up of 2013

The beginning of a new year means the first evening meet up in 2013 for ‘StartuppaMI’.

This meetup format was recently brought from the UK to Milan by the serial entrepreneur Marco Ottolini. On January 31, more than 150 startuppers, investors and enthusiasts took part to this evening meeting dedicated to pitches and networking. The informal atmosphere that characterizes StartuppaMI makes it an unique event that represents a first step for the novices.

Four startuppers had the chance to present their 3-minute pitches and then answer questions by a specialised audience about their ideas, business models and presentations.

Even if not all the pitches were judged positively, the novice entrepreneurs had the opportunity to learn how to present their startup to prospective clients and investors, and to get precious feedback about new threats and opportunities they might not have noticed before.

For the first time, the monthly event took place at the brand new Talent Garden recently inaugurated in Milan. Talent Garden offers a “flexible workspace, access to a vibrant community, the resources of a global mind, the energy and the shared knowledge of a tech conference room and the buzz of a social networking event, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all in one place”.

TAG isn’t merely the sharing of a physical workspace and its costs; the emphasis of the project is on sharing ideas, objectives, hopes, inspiration and even common daily life routines.

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Luca Mayer
Luca Mayer
Luca works as a Senior Security Specialist and Project Manager at Security Reply. On EU-Startups.com he writes about Italian startups and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Italy.

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