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Fieldoo.com: Football Career Ne​twork launches Agen​t Platform​

Fieldoo.com, the online network for football players and agents we first introduced you to on September of last year, has grown its user base to over 4,000, spread across 100 countries and is now launching its highly anticipated Agent and Scout Platform.

The platform of the Slovenian startup Fieldoo offers a modern take on player transfers and dealings, allowing players to flaunt their skills in front of an audience of agents. Fieldoo.com is currently being used by a multitude of different players, such as Jairo Suarez, the 27 year old Colombian international, Jasmin Kurtic, a 24 year old playing for Serie A side Palermo and Cristian Adrianzen, the 18 year old Peruvian starlet currently being tracked by a number of European clubs. The launch of the Agent and Scout Platform will help these players, whilst also providing an invaluable service for agents. Fieldo-agent-player-list

Having received such a strong response from the football community, Fieldoo.com achieved their first success story upon opening the platform to a select number of agents. Serbian scout and agent Sasa Cuk of Spanish agency Pandora, got the task to find a central defender with youth national caps. Browsing through Fieldoo he found Slovenian footballer Matej Rapnik formally of SPL team Hearts, who he then signed for Thailand champions SCG Muang Thong United shortly after.

Here are ome Key Features of the Agent and Scout Platform:

-File storing: Fieldoo.com allows for agents to have an online business hub where the players, contacts and portfolios are all stored in one place.

-Find & contact new players: Fieldoo.com’s simple drop down bar and search tool will allow agents to efficiently find clients to add to their own portfolio or to match players with a club in need of some reinforcement.

-Create your profile: Serving as a personal webpage for anyone to view

-Present your portfolio: to other agents, scouts, clubs, clients or interested third parties

-Expand your territories: Allows agents to go global: Find players, connect with other agents and create partnerships

-Market: Where agents can reply (and apply) to other agents’ posts, such as searches/offers for players, trial offers and partnerships

-Hire an Agent (coming soon): A totally new and revolutionary feature that will allow players to motivate agents to find an appropriate club for them, where agents can make additional revenue

-Currently free to use: whilst in their trial period, which will then move to a paid account offering additional high value benefits.

If you haven’t seen it yet, make also sure to watch the Fieldoo-video below this article:

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