Social Travel: Tripbirds launches its public beta


The Stockholm based travel startup Tripbirds ended its private beta-phase today and launched the public beta version of its travel portal. Tripbirds, which received about 560,000 Euros in funding from Index Ventures, Passion Capital, Creandum and some angel investors, is a new travel site built with data from Facebook, Foursquare, Gowalla and Instagram.

The Swedish startup, which was founded by Ted Valentin, Jonatan Heyman and Robert Kajik, aims to nail “social travel”. This means that Tripbirds enables users to plan trips mostly based on recommendations they receive from their social circles. As an example: If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, Tripbirds enables you to see which of your friends or relatives (etc.) have been there most recently and are therefore able to provide you with recommendations.

Tripbirds also enables its users to book hotel rooms though an integration with That being said, the young travel site earns money mainly through commissions


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