Fair Observer wants you to make sense of the world


After several months of developing and testing, Fair Observer – a new international mulimedia journal, has been launched in an open beta-version last week. The content startup was founded in 2010 by Atul Singh (Editor-in-Chief), Fabian Neuen (COO), Chiradeep Chakraborty (CSO) and David Bell (CEO). Due to the residence of its founders, Fair Observer has offices in Munich, London and Washington DC right from the start.

The young company aims to create a media organization conducive to understanding the modern world. Fair Observer is going to provide its readers with context and analysis of the key issues of our times. The content and analysis will be done by volunteer writers who are experts from diverse disciplines and from multiple countries. Right now the Fair Observer network of volunteer contributors consists of over 100 writers.

The global online journal Fair Observer is going to monetize its platform mainly through advertising and events. Other revenue streams like subscription based services or content syndication may follow in the future. Fair Observer’s goal for this year (in terms of traffic) is it to reach over 40,000 unique users a month – which I think is a realistic target.