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German e-learning startup Lecturio is profitable and plans expansion

Lecturio, an e-learning startup based in Leipzig, Germany, has recently announced becoming profitable since the beginning of this year and is now planning an international expansion.

Lecturio was originally founded in 2009 by Tim Koschella and Martin Schlichte. The young company has created an online knowledge platform which allows its users (from companies to academics) to share educational content, and digitize staff training and seminars. Lecturio also provides individual platforms for businesses, and for topics like law, medicine and economics.

The startup already has over 3,000 educational presentations and a total of over 180,000 minutes of video-content on its platform. Lecturio also recently launched a mobile version of its e-learning platform and an app for smartphones.

The Leipzig-based startup, which employs about 20 people right now, is currently talking to potential investors for a further round of funding, to help Lecturio to internationalize and grow even faster. It’s not disclosed yet which additional markets will be entered, but right now the platform is available for German speaking users.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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