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Business Description
Now you can become a shareholder of RUTI IMMUNE and be part of the new company that is developing a vaccine against Covid-19 and other known or unknown viruses.

RUTI IMMUNE is promoted by ARCHIVEL FARMA, owner of the RUTI vaccine, which has assigned the rights for its development and commercialization to the new company.

Currently, the vast majority of vaccines under study are focusing on virus antigens. Ruti ® , on the other hand, is based on the enhancement of the "trained innate immunity" in the patient, so it can be compatible with other vaccines and better adapt to possible mutations of the virus or the arrival of new ones.

A vaccine made here to reach the whole world.
Based in
vaccine, Covid-19, viruses, virus antigens
Total Funding
Between €1 million-€ 2.5 million
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