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Create AR applications to streamline your business and industrial processes. Support your employees with clear digital guidance displayed before their eyes and enable real-time communication with experts no matter the distance.
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Nsflow is the all-in-one platform to design and deploy augmented reality applications to streamline industrial processes. The AR solution allows industrial companies to benefit from technology’s potential, fostering digital transformation fully. In addition, Nsflow is architecture agnostic, working freely on various AR and everyday devices (smartphones and tablets).

The platform enables aggregating and standardizing the know-how across companies, retaining knowledge for enterprise-wide use. With better knowledge management, industrial companies reduce the risk of human error and unplanned downtimes, while improving their productivity and profitability, securing market competitiveness.
The platform improves efficiency in manufacturing by optimizing performance, enabling predictive maintenance procedures, and reducing downtimes. Nsflow has two core modules: Remote Support and Digital Workflows, designed to create step-by-step guides and overcome challenges in remote cooperation.

Remote Support - allows frontline workers and technicians to consult unusual problems with remote experts from your organization. Using AR glasses, remote experts can see exactly what technicians are looking at and guide on-site staff straight to the desired solution using audio-video communication and selected visual aids (taking pictures, adding annotations, etc.). As a result, complex challenges and rare issues requiring an expert’s knowledge and experience can be solved remotely, no matter where the expert and the technician are.

Workflows - allow convenient mapping of real-world processes (hands-on training, service procedures, maintenance tasks, etc.), supplying them with multimedia content (instructions, images, videos, documentation, 3d models) and easy distribution across personnel equipped with AR glasses. Workflows can be used for, i.a., training, maintenance and service procedures, and assistance in day-to-day activities.

The two core modules are supplemented with additional features: multimedia display, 3D models, QR code scanner, automatic reports, surrounding mapping, integration with SCADA, ERP, and IoT systems for a comprehensive experience.

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AR, AI, Manufacturing, Knowledge Management, Digital Twin, Industry 4.0, Predictive Maintenance, Industrial Automation
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