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Create AR applications to streamline your business and industrial processes
Prepare your employees for their work by providing clear descriptive guidance in front of their eyes. With AR they can perform their tasks step by step with no prior training or mentors around needed.
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nsFlow is an all-in-one platform that gives the freedom to design and deploy AR applications across various industry operations. With nsFlow AR is no longer a risky technology investment. Simplify your processes by implementing AR straight away.

nsFlow is a modern knowledge management platform for industrial processes, responding to the needs of Industry 4.0. The platform uses Augmented Reality (AR) to provide workers with necessary information exactly where and when they need them. nsFlow offers 2 functional modules:
Workflows – where clients can easily model real-world processes (hands-on trainings, service procedures, maintenance tasks, etc.), supplying them by multimedia content (instructions, images, videos, documentation, 3d models) and then deliver step-by-step guides to workers equipped with AR glasses. Workflows can be used for i.a. training, supporting and documenting service procedures and assisting in day-to-day activities.
Remote Support – allowing line workers and technicians to consult unusual problems with remote experts from client’s organization. Thanks to AR glasses, remote experts can see what technicians sees and guide straight to the desired solution using audio-video communication and different visual aids (taking pictures, adding annotations, etc.). This means that complex problems and rare issues, requiring expert’s knowledge and experience, can be solved remotely, no matter where the expert and the technician are.
nsFlow allows collecting all the valuable knowledge in a central system and easily distribute it to workers, reducing training time and costs, decreasing the time needed to find an information, providing standardization of knowledge transfer and providing employees with continuous access to experts.

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