Night Citizen

Night Citizen
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Night Citizen
Business Description:
Night Citizen App is a revolutionary software developed by a dynamic team of young guys that aims to change the rules in the game of the night life. The software created is the results of long and accurate research and the attainment of several years of experience of the team.
The strong know-how acquired during several years spent working in the nightlife environment, on an international perspective, forced the Founders to realize an instrument able to reach at the same time the role of fundamental source of informations for the “night citizens”, allowing users to find what to do in their nights out and supply their willingness of fun in a fast, easy and dynamic way, and at the same time a vital resource for the entrepreneurs of the nightlife, a vehicle of promotion for their locations and an intuitive and accurate source of analysis of the customers experience and expectation.
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night life, software, party

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