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Business Description
Nature Foods is a food and beverage company. We are here to create delicious and healthy plant-based milk alternatives, yoghurts, cheese and ice cream that are packed with all the best goodies from nature.

Our products are full of plant proteins, vitamins and calcium making them the perfect healthy lifestyle. We help people fulfilling all of their dietary needs while getting at the same time a tasty food option.

Our products are made from peas which are a highly underestimated form of vegetable. Modest peas are truly little powerhouses of nutrition. Peas are an amazing protein source, low in fat, high in fiber and cholesterol free. Pea protein is one of the most widely tolerated and accepted protein sources without high allergy issues. Furthermore, pea protein is far more environmentally sustainable than the animal and soy alternatives.
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Dairy Alternatives, Plant Based, Vegan, FoodTech
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No funding announced yet

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