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Business Description
Discover the fastest way to shop beauty with impartial, bespoke product recommendations from 3,000 brands. Save yourself time by shopping from 160 retailers all in one place!

Tired of buying the wrong products? Sick of scouring the internet to find the best prices? At My Beauty Matches™ you can create your personal beauty profile and sit back as we match the perfect products to your specific needs. This revolutionary one-stop personalised beauty shopping website is the fastest way to find the right products for you with more than 300,000 products to choose from. With collections including over 3,000 brands, My Beauty Matches™ is the only place where you can shop from 160 retailers all in one place with just one easy checkout. Take the guesswork out of your shopping and join over 100,000 women in discovering the fastest way to shop for bespoke beauty online.
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Beauty Tech, Cosmetic Products, eCommerce, Product Recommendations

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