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5 Greek startups to look out for in 2015

There is a lot going on right now in Greece. Not only politically, but also when it comes to startups. At the beginning of this year, we took a look at the largest EU countries and tried to come up with a list for each country of 5 startups to watch in 2015. It has been hard to narrow this list down, but we’ve decided to go with just 5 promising Greek startups out of different sectors. All of them entered the market within the last three years and each of the listed startups has something special to add to the web/app economy in 2015.

wappier-logo1. Wappier: The Athens-based mobile technology startup Wappier focuses on game-discovery solutions for game publishers. Founded in 2014, Wappier aims to match the right audience with the right game at the right time and optimises your user acquisition goals by constantly learning and adapting. The startups’ addressable audience consists of strong partnerships in the mobile operator, brand and media verticals. According to Wappier, their specialisation is inventory management and data optimisation.

Susurrus-logo2. Susurrus: Founded in 2014, Susurrus is an online marketing platform that enables fashion and beauty brands to set up and manage (execution and monitoring in terms of reach/engagement) campaigns with bloggers that match the brand and the campaigns’ goals in an easy, efficient and automated way. The vision of the Athens-based startup is to give emerging and established fashion labels the opportunity to find influential bloggers and work with them to promote their products worldwide.

Rocket-Graph-logo3. Rocketgraph: Rocketgraph, an Athens-based startup which was founded in 2014, helps you easily visualise your cloud data in just a few clicks. Their marketplace for cloud reporting lets you find the Rocketgraph that matches your needs, connect your cloud services and you are ready to go. You can easily export your Rocketgraph report and even get scheduled emails with the most current data pulled directly from your cloud sources. In December of 2014, Rocketgraph secured $500K in a seed funding round with Openfund (Update – May 2023: The startup seems to be no longer in business under this website, and we therefore deactivated the original link).

codebender-logo4. codebender: An online platform for makers, hobbyists and engineers. The Patras-based startup creates easy-to-use tools that help makers build interesting stuff faster and easier, and professional tools for engineers who build commercial products using embedded devices. Their online development and collaboration platform for Arduino users, makers and engineers was developed in 2012. In September of 2013 they secured €100K in a seed round with LAUNCHub, which is a Sofia-based seed fund.

Plegma-logo5. Plegma Labs: This Athens-based startup was established in 2013 with the goal to participate in the evolutionary transition towards the ‘Internet of Everything’. Their IoT solutions overcome fragmentation issues and reduce the complexity in acquiring, storing and managing all this newly available data produced by sensors, smart devices and real life events. Plegma Labs bridges protocol barriers between different hardware and software vendors and aims to apply meaningful rules and workflows that add intelligence to each of their system-applications, ultimately leading to efficiency and optimization. So far, Plegma Labs has raised $150K in seed funding.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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