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Asya is a mindful conversation app that helps people improve their communication skills with real time AI feedback. Similar to how fitness trackers give you real-time feedback on your performance during and after a workout, Asya listens to your voice and provides analytics on the way you interact with others. You can monitor your listening skills, brevity of your speech, pace, pauses and emotions in your voice in order to react and reach goals that you have set. You just have to open the app on your phone, and put it on any surface while you're talking with others.
Long Business Description

Asya is focused on people who want to become more mindful in their daily lives - those willing to improve relationships with friends and family or looking to gain an advantage at the workplace via self-development.

By design, Asya is a privacy-first app. The app doesn't store the content of conversations and doesn't transcribe anything into text as the AI models are designed only to use biometric features of the voice. We only focus on aspects of your voice that are not directly related to the content of conversation. This ethical AI approach ensures the appropriate data is collected without invading privacy.

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eHealth, Mindfulness, Feedback, AI, Asia, Riga

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