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Danish AI startup Magic Feedback raises €1.2 million to democratize access to user feedback

Copenhagen-based Magic Feedback, an AI startup building a platform that unifies all your user feedback in one place and uses its custom-built AI to automatically analyze everything for you, raised a €1.2 million pre-seed investment. The round was led by Maki VC and individual angel investor backing from Geeta Schmidt, former CEO and Co-founder of Humio.

Founded in 2023 by two former Google employees, Nima Vali Rajabi (CEO) and Francisco Arias (CTO), Magic Feedback aims to revolutionize the way product teams work with user feedback.

“Most product teams are doubling down on product discovery, making sure they understand their users’ problems and needs before building solutions,” said Magic Feedback CEO and Co-Founder, Nima Vali Rajabi. “However, one thing that almost every product team struggles with is that no one has time to unify and make sense of all the feedback collected. Instead, feedback is scattered all over the place, slowing down decision-making and leading to solutions being built without key insights.”

For companies that get a good chunk of qualitative user feedback in support tickets, meeting notes, and product reviews, simply organizing and categorizing the feedback is too time-intensive and costly. Magic Feedback helps with a unified feedback platform that connects to all the platforms where your user feedback is stored, and can be used to automatically organize and categorize feedback with AI.

Maria Westergaard, an early user and strong supporter of Magic Feedback’s vision, said: “Our feedback used to be scattered all over the place. Nobody had the full picture, and most of the feedback was inside someone’s head. With Magic Feedback, we got everything into one place and took control of our feedback. It has allowed me to explain exactly what users want, and the user stories help engineers understand exactly what to build.”

Magic Feedback officially launched its platform in September and has since been in the process of onboarding industry-leading customers while also launching new innovative products, such as AI-powered feedback surveys, forms, and a search engine. Precisely this innate ambition to innovate in the user feedback space is what has inspired the confidence of former Humio CEO, Geeta Schmidt, now an angel investor in Magic Feedback. 

“I’ve been closely following Magic Feedback since its inception,” Schmidt commented. “And by putting in the work and never compromising their vision, Nima and Fran have now positioned themselves to make a positive impact on every product on the internet.”

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