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Basel-based KetoSwiss secures €4.4 million to fuel innovation in the migraine medical food sector

The worldwide prevalence of migraine, afflicting nearly one billion individuals, underscores the pressing need for medical interventions targeting the underlying causes of this debilitating condition. In response to this unmet challenge, Swiss startup KetoSwiss has introduced a pioneering medical nutrition concept. 

In this context, Basel-based KetoSwiss announced the completion of the second phase of its pre-series A funding round, accumulating a capital infusion of €4.4 million. Specializing in the realm of medical nutrition tailored for migraine and associated neurological disorders, the company is now poised to propel its groundbreaking initiatives forward. 

The focal point of their endeavors is their flagship product, MigraKet, which is designed to revolutionize migraine treatment through an innovative dietary-preventive therapeutic approach. This solution, validated through clinical testing and fortified by patent protection, is set to make waves in the medical field.

Having now concluded the second segment of its pre-series A financing, KetoSwiss is primed to make substantial strides in its developmental journey and usher in its marquee offering, MigraKet, to the global market.

This approach focuses on dietary-preventive therapy for migraine and allied conditions rooted in metabolic irregularities. With this innovative stance, KetoSwiss aims not only to carve a significant niche within the medical nutrition sector but also to explore potential avenues in drug development, amplifying its role in medical research and advancement.

At the heart of KetoSwiss’s groundbreaking endeavor is MigraKet, the inaugural flagship product under the Brain Ritual brand. This formulation harnesses the ancient fuel of the brain alongside essential micronutrients crucial for optimizing brain energy metabolism. The company takes pride in delivering a holistic solution that has undergone rigorous clinical testing and is fortified by robust patent protection. Leveraging the momentum garnered from investments made last year by diverse backers to bolster product evolution, KetoSwiss has augmented its funding by an additional $0.8 million this year. This achievement culminates in a remarkable total capital influx of $4.8 million for the pre-series A round.

Founded in 2017, KetoSwiss’s participation in the Venture Leaders Life Sciences initiative in 2020 further underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and its pursuit of excellence in the medical field.

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