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What would your biotech venture do with up to $500,000 in funding? (Sponsored)

If you are developing novel therapeutics or therapeutic platforms, BaseLaunch is currently looking for highly innovative biopharma projects to support with funding of up to $500,000 and so much more.

BaseLaunch partners with scientists and entrepreneurs to help launch and grow exceptional biotech companies developing cutting-edge therapeutics. To achieve this, the initiative collaborates closely with key players from the biotech sector, leading pharmaceutical companies and venture funds. BaseLaunch’s world-class partners include Roche, BB Pureos Bioventures, Roivant Sciences, Bridge Bioventures, CSL Behring, Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

What does BaseLaunch look for in applications?

• Breakthrough innovations that can form the basis of new biopharma ventures, from all over the world
• BaseLaunch only accepts applications for therapeutic products or platform projects (but within this they are interested in all modalities and disease areas)
• Projects at any stage can apply, from pre-seed to seed, at the very beginning, or even before. Additionally, projects where the only person involved is the Post Doc or Professor – with a promising discovery but no one else to develop it – are perfectly acceptable
• Even if you believe your project is not yet mature enough to apply, we recommend that you get in touch with BaseLaunch
• Already received seed funding or a small Series A? No worries, BaseLaunch may still be able to help you further your reach

What support does BaseLaunch provide to selected ventures?

• Apart from the direct funding of up to $500K, BaseLaunch provides access to their partners, global biopharma & investors, and network
• BaseLaunch helps to launch and build ventures to the point where they can complete a Series A financing or similar, doing whatever it takes
• Access to best-in-class scientific avenues– discussing topics as detailed as assay levels, animal models etc. – with strategic breadth – defining key milestones to de-risk the science or sharpening overall positioning
• BaseLaunch can help build out your team, provide support with IP licencing, and can provide infrastructure, among other support
• BaseLaunch understands that every project is different, so they work with that in mind to provide tailored support for each venture in their portfolio

What is the track record of BaseLaunch supported companies?

The BaseLaunch portfolio includes companies like Alentis Therapeutics, Anaveon, T3 Pharma, and Polyneuron among others. So far the BaseLaunch portfolio has raised over $270 million in venture financing with an average raise of $34 million per company.

How do I apply?

It is very easy, simply visit baselaunch.ch/apply, and fill out the form which helps BaseLaunch understand what your projects is about. The BaseLaunch team will then review and get back quickly. Learn more and apply now before the next deadline on August 29!

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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