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DB mindbox by Deutsche Bahn: Open calls for sustainability, construction technology, and mobility innovators (Sponsored)

DB mindbox, the startup acceleration program by Deutsche Bahn (DB) Group, is at the forefront of fostering innovation and collaboration in the areas of sustainability, construction technology, and regional traffic. Through strategic cooperation with various DB business units, as well as external partners, DB mindbox seeks to identify and support groundbreaking solutions. In this article, we will delve into the current open calls that provide an opportunity for startups to contribute their innovative solutions and be part of the transformation in these fields.

GreenTech for DB 

With a shared vision of creating a greener company, DB mindbox invites sustainability startups to join them in their pursuit. The startup program, named GreenTech for DB, aims to identify and support new technologies and approaches that contribute to sustainable practices. The program seeks to leverage technology and innovation to propel Deutsche Bahn, as Europe’s largest provider of rail infrastructure and mobility, towards achieving its sustainability goals. The collaboration between Deutsche Bahn’s diverse business units and external partners in this program highlights the significance of the topic and the comprehensive effort being made to address it. 

Specific fields that GreenTech for DB is looking for:  

  • Building materials: carbon sequestration, utilisation & storage, sustainable materials.
  • Climate & environment: understanding & controlling microclimate, healthy forests & environment.
  • Energy: demand side management, climate-friendly process heat, topographic data analysis for energy-efficient driving.
  • Sustainable & circular design: sustainability optimised planning, circular economy, recycling, life cycle analysis regarding greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable IT, and other green solutions. 

Applications for the GreenTech for DB are open until July 30th. More information about the program is available here.


Future of construction technologies 

The construction area needs a more innovative approach that fosters digitalisation and innovation. On that note, DB mindbox has launched the Future of construction technologies 2023 program, in collaboration with strong partners such as DB Netz and Autobahn GmbH. 

The program aims to foster digitalisation and innovation within the construction sector by welcoming startups with disruptive solutions. By encouraging startups to contribute their fresh perspectives and novel approaches, DB mindbox seeks to shape the future of the construction industry. If you have a new startup approach within the following fields:

  • Inspection and condition monitoring technology.
  • Optimisation and coordination of logistics at construction sites.
  • AI-based objection management.
  • Cable detection technologies on the ground. 

Applications for the Future of construction technologies program are open until July 30th. More information about the program is available here.


Regional traffic 

Moreover, DB mindbox, in conjunction with the regional transport department of Deutsche Bahn, DB Regio, is actively looking for new and innovative solutions to reshape the future of integrated everyday mobility. DB Regio, responsible for transporting over 4.5 million passengers daily, aims to enhance connectivity, inclusivity, and intelligence in local transport through startup collaborations. The Regional traffic 2023 startup program focuses on key areas such as:

  • Intermodal mobility.
  • Improved accessibility for individuals with special needs.
  • Smart enhancements utilising big data, transcribed documentation, etc.
  • Data-based services.
  • Digital information offerings. 

DB mindbox encourages startups to apply and contribute to the transformation of everyday mobility experiences. Applications for the Regional traffic 2023 startup program are open until August 06th


What can startups expect from these programs?  

The startups selected for these programs can expect numerous benefits, including:

  • €25,000 in funding (without equity taken).
  • The unique opportunity to develop a prototype within 100 days and live test it.
  • Access to DB’s experts, customers, data, and markets.
  • Professional coaching & mentoring.
  • 24/7 access to the DB mindbox coworking space in Berlin.

Additionally, startups will have the exciting possibility of establishing follow-up collaborations with Deutsche Bahn, enabling them to tap into DB’s extensive network and knowledge base.

More on DB mindbox

Since its establishment in 2015, DB mindbox has been a driving force in supporting startups and driving digital innovation within the rail sector. Located in Berlin, this startup hub has successfully collaborated with startups from around the world to advance digitisation efforts. The numbers speak for themselves, with over 4,100 startup applications received from 50 countries to date. Out of these, more than 235 startups have participated in the program, leading to fruitful collaborations with approximately 60% of the companies involved. DB mindbox has proven to be a catalyst for developing rail-related products and innovations, firmly establishing its position as an influential player within the global startup community.

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