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18-year-old CEO secures €170K aiming to revolutionise the field of decentralised data storage

In today’s data-driven world, the importance of storage has become a central concern for both companies and users. As the volume of data continues to grow exponentially, current solutions have evolved to address the challenges associated with efficient access to information and robust security. However, the issues of centralisation and security become more pronounced as data quantities increase.

In this context, Hello emerges as an innovative solution. It is an early-stage decentralised Web3 ecosystem comprising applications, networks, and infrastructures built on blockchain technology, decentralised storage, and distributed databases. Hello aims to provide a sustainable, scalable, efficient, and user-controlled approach to data storage, addressing the limitations of traditional systems.

An important milestone for Hello was the recent conclusion of its initial pre-seed funding round, securing an investment of €170,000. Investors, including Esade BAN, Casti Ventures, and Bcombinator, led the funding round, with additional contributions from several European angel investors. This funding will be dedicated to product development and the execution of effective Go-to-Market strategies.

Driving the vision of Hello are two accomplished young individuals, At the helm is 18-year-old Álvaro Pintado Santaularia, who not only serves as the CEO of Hello but also holds the distinction of being the founder of Whispr, an AI SaaS company. Pintado’s notable achievements include authoring the book “The Decentralised Financial System” at the age of 17, demonstrating his deep understanding of decentralised technologies. Assisting him is 20-year-old Alexander Baikalov, the CTO of Hello, who brings valuable experience gained from developing and selling software programs since the age of 15 as a freelancer.

Hello’s mission aligns with the “foundations of the future” identified by Álvaro Pintado, “sustainability, optimisation, and efficiency” —core principles inherent in decentralisation. Their ultimate aim is to build the most comprehensive decentralised system on a global scale. The project’s ambition is evident in Hello’s goal of reaching 10 million users by the end of 2024.

The startup has received significant support from Bcombinator, a startup venture builder that has propelled Hello through its acceleration programs. Beyond attracting a substantial user base in the Web3 space, Hello aspires to expand its reach and make an impact in the traditional Web2 market.

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Antonio L. Escárzaga
Antonio L. Escárzaga
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