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Tallinn-based Perfect.Live secures €600K to further develop their GPT-powered luxury concierge service

Founded in 2022 Perfect.Live is a promising Estonian early-stage startup specialised in luxury concierge lifestyle solutions, proudly announced the completion of a recent funding round, raising €600K. The infusion of funds aims to further develop and enhance their GPT-powered concierge service, designed to cater to individuals who aspire to experience exclusive services while reducing the tedious manual tasks often associated with them, such as phone calls and emails. Perfect.Live aims to streamline and personalise access to services by leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology.

With the use of machine learning algorithms the Perfect.Live app is able to provide seamless, efficient and tailor-made services. This innovative app is designed to understand the users’ needs based on the prompts they feed into the app, offering an unparalleled level of convenience. The app effectively acts as a “digital concierge”, a term usually associated with the world of luxury hotels and restaurants. 

The team behind Perfect.Live is focused to redefine the narrative. Dmitri Laush, the founder & CEO of Perfect.Live stated: “There is no Uber for organising your life yet – and our goal is to provide just that”. The app helps users to schedule and organise a wide range of supportive activities such as travelling, accommodation, booking venues, tables and gaining access to special and exclusive events such as access to F1 Monaco Grand Prix exclusive superyacht parties and Cannes festival events, as well as accommodation at Cote d’Azur during F1 GP and Cannes. Providing private VIP transportation, such as helicopters, boats and luxury cars, and last-minute tables at top restaurants – these kinds of requests can be managed easily through the Perfect.Live app.

The recent investment round was led by a group of Baltic investors, including Eduard Zolotuhins, managing partner and CEO at 3ED Ventures, Sergei Verbitski from Server Partners, Igor Mölder from Capital Mill and Andrei Doktorov whose previous ventures include defi.watch and many others.

Eduards Zolotuhins said: “I have a lot of spontaneous decisions in my life so I often need to make quick decisions for everything. Managing different commitments before I had the app was time-consuming and the results were low in quality, but that’s not the case with Perfect.Live. In the app, I can write down what I need and I get the solution immediately.”

Peter Tatarnikov, one of the US-based investors said: “As a discerning consumer, I recognised the need for a digital luxury concierge service that truly provides unparalleled experiences. Drawing from my own personal experiences, I identified a gap in the market and realised the immense potential for a service like Perfect.Live. Having invested in restaurants in the past, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of exceptional customer service and attention to detail. By investing in the Perfect.Live Project, I am confident that we can fill this niche and exceed the expectations of even the most discerning clients, delivering a level of luxury and personalised service that is second to none”

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Antonio L. Escárzaga
Antonio L. Escárzaga
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