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Luxury meets innovation: Brussels-based IONNYK secures €1.5 million funding to shape the future of art display

IONNYK, a Brussels-based company founded in 2020 by Mathieu Demeuse, Charlotte Dubois, and Antoine Baudoux, has recently secured over €1.5 million in funding. This investment will strengthen IONNYK’s B2B offerings in the luxury hospitality sector and solidify its mission to become a prominent luxury brand.

IONNYK is a pioneering connected art frame, that utilises millions of ink capsules to create the realistic illusion of photographic paper. This innovative frame operates without any cables, boasting a remarkable battery life of up to 12 months on a single charge.

Owners can effortlessly control the frame through a dedicated smartphone application, gaining access to a continually evolving catalogue of exclusive black and white photographic artworks through a subscription or the purchase of limited edition works (NFTs), ensuring a dynamic and personalised art experience. With its exceptional features like light emission-free operation, cable-free functionality, low power consumption, and long battery life, IONNYK offers a truly luxurious and ever-changing art encounter.

ONNYK’s growth is supported by a lineup of prominent private investors, including the ScaleFund investment fund, as well as existing shareholders such as W.IN.G/WE Digital Deeptech, BeAngels, LEANSQUARE, Invest.BW, and others. Mathieu Demeuse Co-founder & CEO emphasises the significance of this capital investment in bolstering crucial aspects of the business, particularly the B2B sector which has garnered substantial interest. IONNYK’s unparalleled product has found favour among luxury brands and prestigious venues like hotels and restaurants. Furthermore, its rental offering is gaining popularity in corporate environments, providing high-quality artwork to embellish spaces while offering artistic flexibility. The funds will also address working capital requirements, supporting the company’s B2C and B2B growth in the Benelux/France region.

Since its launch, IONNYK has experienced remarkable growth, boasting a catalogue of over 1,500 artworks from 20 countries. The fast-growing company has formed partnerships with several luxury brands and venues, achieving notable milestones in the first half of 2023. These include participation in the Maison & Objet Paris fair, collaboration with renowned Belgian furniture brand Marie’s Corner, the launch of the Stories concept in partnership with Paris Match France, and presence at the Affordable Art Fair Brussels, among others. Recognising the revolutionary technology and unmatched artistic experience, investors such as Gauthier Investment Partner at ScaleFund foresee tremendous growth potential for IONNYK in the corporate sector.

Continuing its international expansion, IONNYK plans to open a showroom in Paris in September 2023, following its previous success in the French capital. Looking ahead, the innovative brand aims to extend its presence to Germany, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, and other renowned destinations. These future projects reflect IONNYK’s unwavering commitment to sharing its luxury heritage with an increasingly discerning international clientele. Bertrand Joiret, Investment Manager at LEANSQUARE, recognises IONNYK’s potential in the demanding B2B luxury market and expresses confidence in the management team’s ability to navigate the challenges of a growing company.

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