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Unleashing Innovation | Silicon Castles’ Masterclass at this year’s EU-Startups Summit!

After a lot of positive feedback from our attendees last year, Silicon Castles will join us again on the workshop stage this year to host the masterclass: “Unleashing Innovation: Transforming Ideas into Global Success”. Providing all the actionable insights you need to scale a successful global tech company, it’s sure to be a standout session during this year’s EU-Startups Summit!

Silicon Castles is a tech company builder and strategic business accelerator that focuses on “European Diamonds”  – tech startups that have a unique business idea solving a real problem, use scalable tech and outstanding intellectual property. The aim is to help European startups make the leap from having great tech and talent to becoming global success stories.

As part of the masterclass, Founder and CEO Andreas Spechtler, will come together with senior partners of the Silicon Castles network, Catherine Ogilvie, Founder of Ogilvie Brand Consultants, and Thomas Weiss, Founder and CEO of Authentic Vision, to share their expertise on how to unlock innovation and scale to international heights.

Andreas will kick off the masterclass, exploring the foundations of startup success. He’ll discuss the ‘Tower for Success’ concept that Silicon Castles pioneers, explaining how to go from an idea to a profitable business. Andreas leverages 3 decades of experience in the global tech industry, including in digital entertainment, international marketing, sales and operations spanning markets in Europe, the US, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa. He’s had roles with international corporations as well as experience boosting startups. Previously, Andreas was the President of Dolby Laboratories International. In 2017, he left the corporate world and founded Silicon Castles and is now fully dedicated to helping startups to grow and startup executives to become world-class performers.

Next up, Catherine Ogilvie, a marketing and communications guru, will take the lead to share insights on how to build your company story: the backbone for a successful global strategy. Developing a clear marketing and brand strategy is as essential as the financial forecasts and product roadmaps – but it’s often overlooked by startups. By using basic building blocks such as a company mission, vision and positioning statement and combining them with a strong company story, clarity and context are provided and a powerful message is created.

With over 35 years of experience in global marketing and communications, Catherine Ogilvie will share her expertise on how to put together a compelling and authentic company story. This story provides the essential backbone for startups‘ communication strategy and messaging for both internal and external audiences. Catherine has experience in building and mentoring teams, developing corporate/brand narratives and creating effective marketing strategies across a range of industry sectors from startups to multinationals providing invaluable support to business leaders and entrepreneurs alike. 

With the foundations laid and the backbone of your company reinforced by Andreas and Catherine, it’s time to look at sales. Andreas will continue the masterclass with a deep dive into how to sell on a global scale.

Knowing your customers is easy, and gaining access to them is difficult, but closing a big deal is tough. It’s something that requires a competent sales team to both explain the benefits of your tech and demonstrate how it creates opportunities and solves problems. Once your startup’s product is ready, it’s time to land the first big deal – and Andreas will share his advice on making this happen. Landing a big deal can make the difference when it comes to scoring investor backing and growing revenues. Andreas will share his key learnings, common misconceptions and best practices in technology sales, as well as how sales management evolves as a startup grows.

Wrapping up the masterclass, Thomas Weiss will explore the critical final step of global success: intellectual property. Prioritizing and investing in the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) early on is imperative. It protects your innovation, product and process from being copied or stolen by competitors, and ensures your competitiveness in the market. By securing patents, trademarks and copyrights, startups can establish a unique identity, prevent others from using their ideas and generate revenue through licensing or sales.IP protection can also enhance a startup’s valuation and attractiveness to investors, which can be vital for raising capital and scaling the business.

In today’s increasingly competitive market, safeguarding and capitalizing on IP is an unmissable step. Thomas, who founded Authentic Vision in 2012, will share his expertise on how to generate and protect IP in order to have the legal rights necessary to compete in the market and succeed in the long term. Authentic Vision is dedicated to stopping product counterfeiting, leveraging tech to reduce risk to consumers and protecting brand owners’ revenue. Under Thomas’ leadership, Authentic Vision has secured more than 70 patents and attracted a global client base.

This masterclass has an incredible lineup of entrepreneurs taking part and will leave attendees with a wealth of knowledge, primed and ready to take their startups to global heights. Catherine, Andreas and Thomas are three inspirational innovators and we are very much looking forward to this event highlight. The masterclass will also give you the opportunity to ask questions from these leading voices so you can take home the facts you need to know.

Want to know how to scale your business internationally? Secure your ticket as soon as possible to make sure you’re on the list to take part in this fantastic masterclass!

To learn more about the event, and the other wonderful speakers taking part, check out our dedicated event page, and enjoy the video below, which will give you some insights into what’s to come.

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