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The Hummelnest Accelerator in Graz has just opened its doors! Apply now! (Sponsored)

Built through a partnership between Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark and Transformation Lighthouse, Hummelnest Accelerator in Graz believes in creating a startup hive where everyone with drive can thrive. It specialises in B2B connections and VC attractiveness, thanks to the support from Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark. Applications are now open!

After successfully running 2 startup batches, it’s now time for Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark to level up its startup efforts – and it’s doing so with its own accelerator. By partnering with the Transformation Lighthouse team, the accelerator benefits from years of experience building and running globally connected accelerators and communities. It also boasts first-hand experience creating startups, creating new businesses and bridging the gap between startups and corporates. 

With a combined network of businesses, SMEs and experts from around the world this accelerator will provide you with the best tools to rank up amongst startup elites.

What’s on offer

The Hummelnest Accelerator offers a completely individualised programme – no one size fits all, and this programme recognises that. The organisers take each startup’s pain points and specific challenges and help to solve them. 

The main focus is to connect startups with corporate partners to make tests and get clients. It brings each startup onto the radar of Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark with the aim of getting their investment, and, entre to the DACH market (and then beyond). 

Hummelnest Accelerator works with a long-term philosophy, prepared to do what it takes to help each startup succeed. As participants can gain investment from Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark, it shows the long-term commitment to support the whole startup journey.

Urska Jez, programme lead and founder of Transformation Lighthouse: “Taking on opening a new business is hard. You do not do it because it is easy. The life of an entrepreneur is deeply connected to his vision, passion and also ambition. That is why I love working with startups so much, they are my kind of people. Giving their all chasing personal growth, creating new things, creating new teams and be leaders in innovation. What I see in Hummelnest accelerator is a team that understands all the hardships of the entrepreneurial path and the value of good support when you need it the most. Let us be your support and together maximize your impact while having fun in the process.” 

Special features:

  • Hummelnest Accelerator takes zero equity and offers a housing budget
  • Internationalisation is a core focus. The programme aims to support growing a presence in the world’s markets, and leverage regional expertise from mentors, VCs and experts from the DACH region to wider Europe, the USA and Asia.
  • Win supporters and friends for life. Scaling a startup isn’t easy, having a supportive community of friends that will push you, laugh with you, and be there for the long term can make all the difference.

Market Areas

Hummelnest Accelerator wants to push forward future development. It’s keeping a close eye on which technologies will dominate the market in years to come, which business models will prove best and which organisations will successfully transition. 

In this light, there are 5 different topics from which startups will be selected:

  • Financial Services/FinTech
  • New ways of working/Collaboration/Culture
  • Sustainability/HealthTech
  • Service-based tech applications – e.g. AI, blocking or platform-based solutions
  • Data-driven business models – e.g. data security and data empowerment

Hannes Meixner, founder and initiator of the accelerator program at Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark: “At Hummelnest we were inspired by the founding story of Raiffeisen and the initial vision to help impoverished farming communities. The Raiffeisen idea back then was to decrease the dependency of these early entrepreneurs and help them thrive. The solution was found in the three ‘S’-formula: self-help, self-governance, and self-responsibility (in the original German: Selbsthilfe, Selbstverwaltung, and Selbstverantwortung).  We are bringing back those principles in Hummelnest and we took it as our mission to support local and global entrepreneurs and make Graz an international entry point for future innovation and business creation.”

S’formula sound familiar?

The S’formula (self-help, self-governance, and self-responsibility) was developed to decrease the dependency of these early entrepreneurs and help them thrive. Hummelnest Accelerator aims to bring those principles to its startups, helping them achieve long-term, sustainable success. 

Apply now

Hummelnest Accelerator is looking for great innovations and impactful ideas. Most importantly, it’s looking for teams willing to give their best, with the drive to thrive. Passion is paramount to Hummelnest Accelerator. 

Sound like you?

Apply here today to show your passion, product and preparedness to get to the next level!

Key dates:

  • Applications are open until 5 February 2023. 
  • The program starts online on 6 March 2023 
  • Program in person starts on 3 April 2023
  • The Demo day is planned for 29 June 2023

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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