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Spanish edtech startup Twenix picks up €3.5 million to enhance professional language skills

Almería-founded edtech startup Twenix has just picked up €3.5 million. The company is helping break down language barriers with a digital approach and is now planning further expansion across Southern Europe.

Part of the richness of European culture is the variety of languages and dialects found across the continent. One can drive a couple of hours and find themselves listening to conversations in a different tongue, and it makes this region so unique. However, when it comes to business, language can be a barrier to success. Helping to break this barrier down and enhance the acquisition of English communication skills, edtech startup Twenix has just scored €3.5 million. 

The Series A funding was led by Brighteye. JME Ventures and Inveready have also continued to support the project, in addition to different business angels. These investors have once more shown their trust in Twenix by investing again after being part of previous rounds. The last financing round was in December 2021, when Banco Sabadell also participated.

Born in Almería, Twenix was founded in 2017 and now has a presence in  Madrid, Barcelona and Milan. The vision behind the company is to tackle the lack of English training available that’s focused on companies and professionals in the labour market. So, Twenix have stepped up the game with its accessible e-learning proposition. 

The platform offers a methodology based on improving verbal communication and is aimed at enabling users to put their knowledge of the English language into practice from day one. Based on 1to1 classes with teachers from all over the world, the user is immersed in situations that they would find in their place of work or personal environment, obtaining the necessary tools to achieve their objectives through the language.

Ben Wirz, Partner at Brighteye, explained: “Twenix gives businesses a uniquely affordable, efficient way to build language learning proficiency, unlocking incredible value for employers and employees alike. We’re very excited to help the team grow, enabling companies to better use English language training to attract, retain and grow talent across Europe.”

Currently, Twenix is working with more than 230 teachers from all over the world –  triple the number compared to June of last year, and in only 6 months they have exceeded all of the classes taught in 2021. In addition, the edtech team of 70+ is now working with over 400 companies. It’s a startup that is growing fast and well-positioned in its market. 

Looking forward to the next steps, Twenix has exciting plans to develop the platform with new improvements to be launched. One such improvement will be last-minute bookings – classes which can be booked just 15 minutes in advance. What’s more, Twenix will launch a new service where users can access a library with different specialised content to reinforce other skills such as “listening” and “reading” and maximise their 1to1 class results.

This fresh capital raise will be used to strengthen Twenix’s position in the international market, focusing on its establishment in Italy, as well as on further developing its methodology and digital platform. On the other hand, Twenix will seek to grow its business model by strengthening its reach and support to companies and businesses.

Jorge Moreno, CEO of Twenix, commented: “We are very pleased that top-level partners such as Brighteye, JME, and Inveready continue to count on us to keep Twenix growing and breaking down the English communication barrier among professionals all around the world. This round of funding is essential to continue investing in the expansion to Italy, a market that excites us. After months of traction with very positive results, it represents a first step towards the internationalisation of Twenix in other European countries.”

Patricia Allen
Patricia Allen
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