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Bucharest-based Sessions scores €4.4 million to upgrade video meetings

Making video meetings more engaging, Bucharest-based startup Sessions has raised about €4.4 million. Focusing on efficiency, engagement and execution, the startup is capitalising on the rise of remote and hybrid business interactions.

The way we work and the ways businesses interact have undergone a massive change. Now, we are firmly in the era of online meetings – but, it still has some challenges to overcome. From keeping engagement and preventing yawning attendees, to navigating between tabs and controlling session flow, video meetings can become a tricky affair. 

Making it easier, Bucharest-based Sessions has developed a platform that brings tool stacks directly into meetings, keeping things efficient and engaging. 

From video meetings to Sessions

Founded in 2020, Sessions was developed by founders Radu Negulescu and Radu Tintescu who saw an opportunity to upgrade the sub-standard video meeting experience. In 2020, we all shifted to predominately remote and hybrid work, and we all had to quickly master the zoom meeting experience – some with more success than others. Sessions was developed to make creating interactive meetings simpler. 

Radu Negulescu, Sessions founder and CEO, explained: “Everyone is aware of how radically the way we work has been transformed. Almost every customer-facing interaction now happens online, but most experiences still lack the structure, energy, information, and interactivity required to be truly powerful. That’s why we’ve set out to turn every substandard video call into a highly valuable ‘Session’ ”.

By seamlessly integrating workflows, apps, information, and actions into a single platform, Sessions has redesigned the entire video conferencing experience to focus on efficiency, engagement, and execution for both organizations and their customers.

From sales pitches to product demos; webinars to user research; and training to onboarding, Sessions enables teams to create the right structure; access the right information; deliver the right content; and seamlessly integrate native tools and productivity apps such as Google Drive and Miro, all within the same workspace.

The funding

Already making meetings more efficient for clients across the world, the platform launched in beta in July 2021, and picked up Product Hunt’s 2021 Work from Anywhere Product of the Year. 

This Seed funding was led by Earlybird Venture Capital (UiPath), Stride.VC (Cazoo) and Launchub Ventures (gtmhub). It’ll help the young company to continue growing and encourage a new era of optimized video meetings for the remote generation. 

Dan Lupu, partner at Earlybird, said: “The Video Conferencing and Collaboration needs of companies have grown and evolved in the past years, but the tools remained virtually the same. These single-purpose instruments create fragmented experiences and can’t cover newly emerging, complex use-cases. Sessions offers a unified platform that can efficiently address these needs while providing an engaging experience. Their unique mechanic allows companies to digitally engage with their customers in fluid, meaningful interactions no matter the complexity.”

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