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Parisian mobile app publisher Lumos Apps raises €1.6 million to transform global mobile app industry

Paris-based Lumos Apps has just raised a €1.6 million funding round from European VC fund Breega with the participation of Bpifrance. 

Founded in 2020 by Vincent Hart de Keating and Damien Soulard, Lumos Apps operates like a book publisher to help the best apps break through the crowd. With unique in-house prediction and automation technologies to publish mobile apps across all categories, Lumos Apps is challenging the global mobile app publishing market. 

The goal behind the tech startup is to provide critical tools for thousands of applications to fully unlock their potential. The multi-billion-dollar mobile app market has profoundly changed over the past few years with constantly-growing competition and increased expertise from all stakeholders in the industry. Great app content alone is no longer enough to guarantee success or hitting the top of the apps chart. Lumos Apps is on a mission to help app developers fulfil their dreams of being #1 on the Apple and Google app stores.

Founder Vincent Hart de Keating said: “There are so many companies and content creators who develop Apps that do not succeed. They are not mobile App experts and do not master the ins and outs of publishing an App. That’s what we do: we take care of all the production aspects of the App, while the company or the creator can focus on what they do best: producing great content”.

Using predictive and AI technologies, the French startup’s tools improve results on all of the critical aspects of an app – from User Experience (UX) to User Acquisition (UA), App Store Optimization (ASO) and monetization. The startup’s R&D efforts on developing proprietary tools allow a reduced team to work on a larger number of apps than the industry’s standards. Additionally, its machine-learning technologies can forecast users’ LTV and provide actionable insights on marketing campaigns and UX for an app.

In less than a year since launch, the globally-minded startup has already signed around 20 publishing contracts – one of them being Weburn, a fitness application for women, which later entered the Top 50 of the most downloaded Apps in the Health and Fitness category in the US. 

The new funding will be used by the pioneering company to continue the development of its unique in-house prediction and automation technologies, pursue R&D efforts and expand its international team by hiring mobile app experts to reshape and transform the mobile app industry. 

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