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#myEUspace startup competition supports space-based commercial solutions & applications with about €1 million in prizes and awards (Sponsored)

The #myEUspace startup competition is on a mission to bring disruptive, space-based commercial solutions and applications to the European market.

With almost €1 million in prizes and 50+ awards up for grabs, this is one you don’t want to miss. If you are currently innovating solutions and new technologies in location-based services, smart mobility, smart agriculture, geomatics, or quantum technologies make sure to get involved.

The competition deadline is on December 3, so get moving!

The competition is organised by EUSPA, the European Union Agency for the Space Programme. EUSPA provides European satellite navigation services and promotes the Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus data and service projects. EUSPA involves more than 200 people from across Europe and is headquartered in Prague with offices in France, the Netherlands and Spain.

According to UN projections, urbanization combined with the world’s rapidly growing population could add another 2.5 billion people to urban areas by 2050 – putting even more pressure on already overpopulated areas. 

Already we are seeing the boundaries for resource exploitation being pushed and there is huge global demand for improved civil infrastructures. 

Space data is at the heart of a technological revolution for Europe and EUSPA is promoting extended research and innovation through stimulating entrepreneurship and startups across the continent. 

Launching the #myEUspace competition is part of the EC’s initiative to support innovative entrepreneurs, startups and SME’s in the space industry. 

With a mission to support the development of innovative commercial solutions, #myEUspace will recognise new solutions and ideas that leverage EU Space Programmes Galileo and/or Copernicus. 

The #myEUspace competition challenges each participating team to propose a solution targeting a specific innovation area. These are:

  • Move Me Smart: Recognising smart mobility solutions across all the transportation modes that enable the improvement of efficiency and sustainability while also increasing safety. Solutions should promote reducing emissions, creating more sustainable modes of mobility, and generating more affordable, accessible and healthier alternatives. 
  • Space My Life: This area includes consumer solutions such as mobile applications and any other solutions using space data for health, gaming, sports, leisure, tourism and everyday life.
  • Our Green Planet: For innovations addressing environmental challenges, sustainable life, consumption and production. Ideas should contribute towards reducing emissions, overcoming climate change and environmental crises, and supporting zero-pollution ambitions
  • Map My World: Innovative surveying solutions to shape the future of geomatics, rural planning and smart cities by design.
  • Farming by Satellite: Developing technological solutions that manage the variability of agricultural production, improve crop yield, reduce environmental impact and optimize the food chain. Think Farm to Fork strategy, the European Green Deal. 
  • Dive in Quantum: Innovative solutions applying quantum technologies (computing, sensing, simulation, encryption) that enhance space downstream applications.

The competition is then further organised into two tracks.

Track 1: From Idea to Prototype/Customer validation

Teams are asked to turn their theoretical idea into a prototype/beta version of their product. They will need to articulate their value proposition and explore Problem-Solution Fit based on a validation test.

Track 2: From Prototype to Product/Market entry

Teams are asked to bring their prototype/beta version to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), reach a functional stage and commercialization readiness and develop a value proposition to meet Product-Market Fit. Entries for the category ‘Dive in Quantum’ aren’t eligible for this track.

Let’s take a look at those prizes

At the end of both the first and second steps, teams have the opportunity to get some exciting prizes:

First Step: Submission

For Track 1 Submissions, the 23 best ideas (4 per application area, except Dive in Quantum which will have 3) will receive a €10,000 prize to launch prototype development

For Track 2 submissions, the 20 best applications/prototypes (4 per application area), will receive a €15,000 prize to complete their product development and achieve market entry

Second Step: Development Phase

For Track 1, the 6 best projects, 1 per application area, will receive an additional prize in the amount of € 25,000

For Track 2, the 5 best projects, 1 per application area, will receive an additional prize in the amount of € 50,000

Disruptive innovations based on EU Space data will take off with the #myEUspace competition. More information about the project, the different categories, and how to make your application stand out are available hereTake your chance and submit your project!

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr is the "Editor in Chief" of EU-Startups.com and started the blog in October 2010. He is excited about Europe's future, passionate about new business ideas and lives in Barcelona (Spain).

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