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Sisters launch financial education app, fueled by a €295k pre-seed round, to close gender money gap

Your Juno, a financial education platform for women and non-binary people, today launches its app on the App Store. The financial education startup, which was built during the pandemic by two sisters Alexia and Margot de Broglie alongside a team of Millenial and Gen-Z women, aims to close the gender gap in financial literacy.

Founded in 2020, Your Juno raised a pre-seed round of €295K the same year. The round was led by seasoned fintech angel investors including Kurt Lambert (Founder of RepRisk, and Founder and Chairman of Harcourt Investment Consulting) and Peter Fanconi (Chairman and former CEO of Blue Orchard, Ex Managing Partner at PWC and Vice-Chairman at Deutsche Bank).

In an analysis of financial media articles conducted by Starling, 73% of articles targeting men spoke about investing whereas 90% of the articles targeting women focused on spending less. The Your Juno founders believe this discriminatory financial information is a big contributing factor to the gender money gap in which women earn and own less than men.

Alexia de Broglie, co-founder of Your Juno, said: “My sister and I were brought up by a mother who made sure we knew about money, but if it hadn’t been for her we’d likely be as in the dark as the majority of women and non-binary people who find themselves being targeted with money-saving tips rather than money growing tips in the mainstream media. This puts women and non-binary people on the financial backfoot from day one. Wealth is about far more than owning a nice house and being able to jet off on a nice holiday. For the majority of women, wealth equals freedom. Freedom to pursue education, to leave a toxic relationship or to start a business. We want to give women and non-binary people the financial knowledge and confidence to build their wealth – and ultimately rest assured they have the freedom to pursue a life that empowers them.”

Your Juno aims to tackle the financial literacy gap by allowing users to learn about any financial topic in minutes via its app. Courses will touch on a range of topics including buying a property, saving for retirement and investing.

The video courses of Your Juno are led by money experts representative of the women and non-binary people that exist in its 8000 strong online community, including Selina Flavius (author of Black Girl Finance) and Ellie Austin (of This Girl Talks Money).

Margot de Broglie, co-founder of Your Juno, said: “Money is complicated, and no one teaches us about it –  understanding what an ISA is, how stamp duty works, or how to invest in an ETF, it can all be daunting. And then this is exacerbated by the types of financial articles women are served compared with men. The impact is women and non-binary people are statiscally less confident and informed about money compared to men.”

She continued: “If this is you, a great place to start your money journey is to take a long hard look at your finances and ask yourself whether the financial choices you’ve made so far align with what you want from your life. Want to buy a flat or start a business sometime in the future? Write down your goals and start to work out how you can make positive money moves to start moving closer towards them. Also, this is a great time to start talking to your friends about money! It might feel painfully un-British, but it’s a great step to normalising the topic and creates a space to share tips and learnings.”

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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