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Toulouse-based HR startup Bleexo raises €1.5 million to continue its international expansion

The French HR startup Bleexo just announced they raised €1.5 million from M Capital, Techmind, and Paris Business Angels.

Founded in 2017, Bleexo provides a suite of tools to develop employee engagement and your teams’​ potential. The fresh capital allows Bleexo to assert its leading position in the French market, to pursue its technological development as well as its international presence.

Almost 150 companies have already chosen Bleexo, among them MAIF, Vinci, Crédit Agricole, Essec and Accor Invest, as well as many startups. Bleexo is a managerial and HR support tool which is easy to use and with an intuitive UX.

With triple-digit growth from one year to the next, Bleexo is becoming attractive to many companies. Available in more than fifteen languages, the Bleexo platform is already deployed across Europe, as well as in the USA, China, India and Brazil. For Human Resources departments and managers, Bleexo helps develop teams and measure in real time the feelings of employees around the world. The performance indicators delivered by Bleexo make it possible to prioritize HR projects and to calculate their Return on Investment (ROI).

Today’s HR needs go beyond streamlining payroll and tracking working hours. HR managers need the right tools to ensure the quality and effectiveness of teams and employees in an era where distance, digital and hybridization have become new standards. In this context, Bleexo offers executives, HR teams and managers valuable data to make the right decisions and monitor their impact.

Bleexo responds to three major problems encountered by HR departments:

1. Work with intuition on management and collaboration topics.
2. Preventing wasting time using multiple platforms.
3. Burn out from trying to get people on board without intuitive tools.
Therefore, with Bleexo, HRDs have:
1. Highly useful data to make decisions quickly.
2. A complete suite of tools on a single, 100% integrated platform.
3. An exceptionally intuitive and ergonomic user experience.

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Thomas Ohr
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