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Danish startup Layerise lands €3 million to replace user manuals with interactive digital assistants

Danish startup Layerise has raised a further €3 million from existing investors, German VC Headline, Falcon.io founder Ulrik Bo Larsen and Danish VC Heartcore, just a few months after raising €1 million in September 2020.

Nearly half of us don’t even bother to open user-manuals once we have purchased a product, and eight out of ten do not feel they get their needs met if they try to use the manual to solve a problem. At the same time, eight out of ten say they would prefer a digital manual. These stats come from a survey with more than 1200 respondents, which Danish Layerise conducted globally – and decided to act upon.

Founded in 2019, Layerise is a digital assistant for physical products that guides consumers of a given product more visually and interactively. But just as importantly, it provides the manufacturers of physical products detailed knowledge about the end users needs that they were not able to obtain earlier.

This is something product manufacturers around the world have longed for, mainly because, as the startup signals, getting user information through a retailer that is primarily focused on selling the product is very difficult. As a consequence, Layerise’s digital assistant is already used for such diverse products as electric bicycles, clothes, stoves, kitchen utensils, blinds, parasols and many other goods. Layerise already has clients in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Over the years, Ulrik Bo Larsen has received many investment proposals, but says that he is extremely selective. He has invested in Layerise because he believes it will be a global SaaS success.

Ulrik Bo Larsen, President of Cision Social and Chairman of the Board and investor in Layerise commented: “It’s simply crazy how well they hit bulls-eye with a product that matches the market perfectly and where there is a clear need for it in the market. Layerise can create a global SaaS business in a completely new market, and then they have developed and executed on their go-to-market strategy at lightning speed. Ervin and Emil (the founders of Layerise) are some of the best product people I have met, and they have been great at going from first step to scalable sales. The recent sales results are simply impressive“.

At the beginning of 2021, Layerise consisted of the two founders Ervin Draganovic and Emil Forsmann and three employees. Now they are 12 and have planned to be 24 before 2021 is over. Ervin Draganovic, director of Layerise, commented: “The money will be used for further development of the organization in line with the positive market trends we see. This means we will focus even more on sales and product, which we want to scale even faster”.

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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